Vasco Nunez Balboa

The great Balboa

Early Life

Born on 1475, in Jerez De Los Caballeros, Vasco's family was believed not to be of the wealthy kind, but his father a Nobleman. Many in Spain during this time were seeking fortune , so he took his chances and headed to sea, where he explored present day Colombia. When he reached his destination he stayed on the Island of Hispaniola, but there he got into debt and hid, so he fled onto a ship heading for the colony of San Sebastian. Once there he saw that most of the colonist had been killed so he convinced the remaining to move the western side of the gulf of Uraba, there they established the town of Darien which is located on a small strip of land that connects Central and South America. Soon Vasco became the interim governor of the establishment.

Balboa's Expedition

In 1513 Vasco led an expedition from the town of Darien in search of new sea's and gold in the south, in hopes of being successful he would win the favor of the king of Spain. When Vasco was not successful in finding gold he became much more successful in his search for a new sea. He had reached the Pacific ocean and once there had claimed its shores for Spain.


Vasco died on January 12th, 1519, in Acla. The king had sent Arias De Avila to govern the town, once hearing the news of Vasco's discovery he became extremely jealous and had him beheaded on the count of treason.