You have to come up with your own plan.Choose rather you want to design men,women or kids shoes. You also have to have a degree in any type of art it really does not matte.Also you have to go to school for 2 to 4 years.

Job Detail

Shoe designing is a complicated job you have to come up with designs the shoes. You have to be really focused while you are on the job. Let no one destract you. Also you cant just rush through the process it takes a while.


When you first become a shoe designer you can make an average up to $54,000.When you been working there for a while you can make $71,533. The most you can make is $108,000. It also depends on witch company you are trying to work for. There are many company's to work for like Nike,Mk,Reebok and ect just be mindful of witch company you would like to work for.

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