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Updates and Reminders - August 23, 2020

To Our Parents and School Community ~

We had an exciting and successful LEAP week with students and staff to kick off our new school year! We had 542 students which is 69% of our total enrollment for our students attending virtually and in person. Please read through these Updates and reminders and let us know if you have any questions!

GCS Back to School Information for Parents

The Connected Parent Newsletter is published by our school district which includes very detailed information.

What do we do on the first day of school, August 24th?

This graphic outlines what students are expected to do to attend school on the first day, August 24th whether your child is attending in person, eLearning on the days not attending in person, or Virtually five days a week.

GCS In-Person School Starts on Attendance Plan 1 on August 24, 2020!

Based on the latest guidance from DHEC and local medical professionals regarding the spread of COVID-19, Greenville County Schools will start school on Monday, August 24 on Attendance Plan 1. (See attached chart) Under this plan, students will attend in-person school one day a week and spend the other four days eLearning. As a reminder, students are divided into four color-groups that determine which day of the week they attend. Those whose last names begin with A-D are blue, E-K is red, L-Q is green and R-Z is purple. (Families whose children have different last names can request a change in color assignment to match their siblings. Once approved, the days of the week they attend will be based on that color.) Blue students attend Monday, red students on Tuesday, green on Wednesday and purple on Thursday. On the four days students are NOT physically in school, they will take part in eLearning.

Though it is not expected to do so, this decision could change should there be a dramatic, negative shift in the community spread numbers over the next two weeks. DHEC’s Recent Disease Activity, by County, rates Greenville County’s Spread as HIGH overall, with two high and one low ranking in the individual categories: Incidence Rate – High, Trend in Incident – Low, Percent Positive (Tests) – High.

Students enrolled in our full-time Virtual Program are not affected by this or any other in-person attendance plan.

According to Greenville County Schools, when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they will be excluded from school for at least 10 days and asked to isolate. Contact tracing will begin immediately, and three types of notification will follow – Close Contact Notification, Not Close Contact Notification, and School-Wide Notification. Read more about these three notification types here.

Tech Support

Call 355-HELP for assistance with school issued student devices.

First Day of School! want to see your child’s first day of school pictures! Download and print your grade-level Back-to-School signs here: Snap a pic and send it to We'll be posting your photos on Facebook throughout the first week of school.

Take Home Meals Registration Form

All students are eligible for additional meals for the other days they are not present at school. Please indicate if you are interested in having your child bring home these additional meals on the day they attend school. Meals will be provided to students at the end of the school day or Extended Day Program (EDP).

Virtual Students

*Contact the school cafeteria near you for ordering and pick up.

AJ Whittenburg Fountain Inn Elementary Northwest Middle

Berea Elementary Greer Middle Mauldin Elementary

Blue Ridge Middle Bryson Elementary Grove Elementary

Northwood Middle Fisher Middle Sterling School

Sevier Middle Sue Cleveland Welcome Elementary

Carpool Procedures

Please review these Sara Collins Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

***Both carpool lines are phone free zones at all times to ensure safety for students, staff, and other drivers.***

This year, our annual Freaky Friday PTA school fundraiser will be conducted virtually through October 30th, 2020.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

School meals will be available for all students in all school-opening scenarios, including the 100% eLearning option (Attendance Plan 0) and for those that register for the Virtual Program.

In order to qualify for free or reduced meals parents must complete a new free and reduced meal application for the current school year.

Bringing Food to School

If you would like to provide food for special occasions (i.e. student birthdays) please check with your child’s teacher prior to the event. For safety concerns, we cannot serve or give “homemade” foods, therefore, all food to be shared with other children must be store bought with visible ingredient labels and individually pre-packaged.

Thank you so much for your continued support for our students and staff! We are ready for the first week of school!

Educating together,

Melissa Burns, Ed.D.