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Take a look at these exciting careers!

Interest in art?

An art director makes about $43,380-$93,850 with a included bachelor degree plus experience. An art director oversees artistic designs of ads, print materials, as well as

filming of television commercials. Art directors are responsible for quality of finished product, they choose the illustrators or things like props, they are able to retouch imperfect products, and they are also responsible for creating the concept. Sounds fun, right?

Colleges you can attend to for an art director: Kilgore, North Lake College, San Antonio, Central Texas, Tarrant County-Northwest campus, etc.


Photographer maybe?

If you not interest in art in general, but possibly a different kind of art...taking photographs could be you! A photographer makes $18,670-$39,520 and requires long-term on the job training. A photographer job is to combine artistic talent and technical skills to produce professional photographs. They work with cameras, lenses, lights, they must be able to arrange whatever they're photographing so it stands out, and a photographer might work different jobs.

Colleges for this position: Kilgore, South Plains, South Texas College, North Lake, Tyler Junior College, etc.

Like working with children?

Teaching might be it!

Art, drama, music teachers, and post secondary make about $29,770-$74,940 with a required master degree. These teachers teach courses in drama, music, and arts including fine and applied art such as painting.

Colleges: Frank Philip College, Cisco, Del Mar College, Amarillo College, Midland College, etc.

Not interest in art? How about being a middle school teacher?

Middle school teachers make about $41,510-$55,530 and needs a bachelors degree. Middle school teachers work with students and helps them learn concepts in subjects like science, math, English, etc. Teachers work in private or public schools, some even teach special education.

Colleges: Lone Star College System, Panola College, Richland College, Hill College, Austin Community College District, etc.

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Love Health Science by any chance?

A Nuclear Medicine Technologist could be your career!

A nuclear medicine technologist makes $54,080-$76,360 and must have an associate degree. Nuclear medicine technologist prepares, administers, and measure radioactive isotopes in therapeutic, diagnostic, and tracer studies utilizing radioisotope equipment. They prepare stock solutions of radioactive materials and calculate doses to be administered by radiologists. They also subject patients to radiation.

Colleges for this career: El Centro College, Paris Junior College, Temple College, Cisco, South Plains College, etc.

Do you like telling people what to eat and what to not eat? Maybe consider being a dietitian and nutritionist!

A dietitian and nutritionist earns $38,650-$62,960, must have a bachelor's degree. Dietitian and nutritionist job is to plan food and nutrition programs, supervise preparation, and serving of meals. They help prevent great illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and suggesting diet modifications.

Colleges to look at for this career: Brookhaven College, Coastal Bend College, Del Mar, Galveston College, Houston Community College System, etc.

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That's All Folks!

Hope you enjoyed the show! Take something from this and run with it. You don't have to be these careers, however if there was something you interest in explore it! A little adventure never hurt anyone!

Made by: Taytum Carlson