Child Abuse

Fight For A Cause!

There are 3 million cases of child abuse currently in america. No child should have to grow up in a home where violence or neglect is an everyday occurrence. The emotional damage from abuse will affect the child in every aspect of their life. We need to protect these innocent children from harm before the emotional damage can ruin their life.

Why it is Important To Stop Child Abuse

We need to stop child abuse because no child should be neglected or abused. 4-7 children lose their lives due to abuse, and children who are not killed from this issue are 50% more likely to commit suicide. If we stop this problem we can save millions of lives. The children who are abused often have mental damage that cause problems with school and social settings. In recent studies it was found that kids who were abused are very likely to abuse their own children unintentionally. If we stop this problem we can stop the cycle of abuse and hopefully end the pain for future children.

How to Stop Child Abuse

You can Stop child abuse by contacting the police if you know or think you know of a child being mistreated. Even if you are not positive there is a child being abused still contact the police. If you cant contact the police for some reason contact the national child abuse hot line, 1-800-422-4453. If you don't know of a situation and still want to help you can donate to various organizations dedicating to ending this issue.

Organizations Working To Stop Child Abuse


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