The Wonderful World Of Walt Disney

By Grace Lin Geen

Walt's Wonders

Have you ever dreamed of the best vacation? Well, you can stop dreaming! Walt Disney World is the place to be! Walt Disney World resort is located in Orlando, Florida. The park is a dream of thrill and excitement. 17.2 million people go there every year! That's a lot of people, maybe you should go there too!
In Disney World, you get a thrill of excitement. All the rides going at the speed of lightning, the smell of the food over looking a park of truly golden dreams with a heart of wonderful dreams. It's truly a world of wonders!

Exciting Epcot

Epcot is known for its Big Ball Ride. The ball is 118.1 feet tall and wide. You can call Epcot the more kid friendly park. The rides are more settle. Even younger kids enjoy the rides.

One feature at Epcot is traveling around the world. Epcot has restaurants from and stores from so many countries. Some of them are: Mexico, China, Italy, Japan, France, and more! They even have the American Adventure.

Amazing Animal Kingdom

Another park is called Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is known for the tree of life. The park is split into smaller parks. DinoLand U.S.A., Oasis, Africa, Asia, Rafiki's Planet Watch, and Discovery Island where the Tree of Life stands.

Happy HollyWood

The third park is called HollyWood Studios. The big attraction there is the water tower. It used to be Mickey's Big Hat but that is coming down. They started on January 7th 2016.

Disney changed the name from M.G.M. Studios, to HollyWood Studios over night. They closed the doors and opened them again in the morning after the switch.

Magical Magic Kingdom

The final park is called Magic Kingdom. There the biggest attraction is Cinderella's Castle. In the Castle is Bipaddy Bopaddy Boutique, Cinderella's Royal Table, and a very nice and expensive hotel.
Magic Kingdom is also sorted into smaller parks such as: Main Street U.S.A., AdventureLand, FronterLand, Liberty Square, FantasyLand, and TomorrowLand.

By the numbers

I asked 25 people which park they liked better.

Disney world: 18 = 72%

Disney Land: 2 = 8%

None: 5 = 20%

Which one do you like best?

So if you ever want to go on vacation, choose Walt Disney World. It's truly a World of Wonders.
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