Dear God, I Wonder...

Bryan Allen: Letter Poem

Dear God,

I wanted to tell you that we're grateful.

All the things you do that we may not even see.

We go through our daily lives paying no attention,

But you are there nudging us forward.

Like a supporting father pushing us to our goals.

You are like a warm blanket letting us move on

As we bathe in the beams of your sun.

Your creation.

A man wins the lottery,

He is overjoyed by the money.

A loved one near the edge of death,

Someone thanks the technology behind it.

We can't seem to decipher what really brings us these things.

And maybe it's because we can't be exactly sure.

But if you are to call yourself a Christian.

A believer in our savior and a worshiper,

Why do you not praise these parts of life?

Or life itself?

I wonder about you in everyday miracles,

Little things that make a whole day better.

And most may not pay you mind when you do,

But they would if they had the time.

I just wanted to say thank you,

But then I think again,

Maybe something else gives us these miracles,

But I still go on calling you friend.

I wonder.

I wonder why you gave us what you did,

And why we still have it after we abused its power.

We're pawns of the world awing in your greatness,

And without our king, all hope is lost.




I wonder who you really are.

For if you're nothing but an imaginary figure,

What have we been praising?

And why do we convince ourselves of your existence?




Thank you for allowing us to be what we have become,

And comforting us in times of foolishness.

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