Rachel's Update

Rosedale Elementary: March 2-6

Important Information

Curriculum Mapping

  • We're working on making curriculum maps more accessible, living, active, and complete resources. I may come to see you if I have any questions about your existing maps and those that have never been created.

Math RTI

  • It's time for a new standard! See the guides below, which contain the March-April calendar as well as other important details and links.

Ready Math / iReady Training

  • Our final training for this school year will be held on Thursday, March 5. Please see the schedule below and add any questions or topics you'd like to discuss to the agenda!

Rachel's Rosedale Schedule

Thursday, March 5

  • 12:00 - 2:45 Ready Math / iReady Training

Tuesday, March 10

  • Personal Day (Yes... we are finally moving!!)


Don't forget to be working on collaboration skills with your students when the opportunity arises! We'll be discussing these at some point before the end of the year!

  • The Swivl system is available! Use the link below to learn about how it can help you evaluate student collaboration and/or collaborate with your colleagues. Please reserve the system at least a week in advance.