News from the Nest - Summer 2023

Perry Parent News Letter

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Message from Principal Willie Wimbrey

Parents and Guardians,

I missed you and your families over the Summer. I pray that you all are enjoying life in safe and healthy experiences. Enjoy living in fun family times -- you're a blessing to eachother. See you soon.

Assistant Principal Introduction and Farewell -- No Crying!!!!

As many of you know, our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Angelina Gutierrez, has been moved to serve as Assistant Principal at D.P Morris Elementary School, and Ms.Nena Johnson is our new Assistant Principal. I'm sure a lot of you feel sad about losing Mrs. Gutierrez, but I want you to be sure we are not left without a very good replacement. We will make this change a benefit to both APs and to both schools. We know DP Morris is recieving a jewel of a person in Mrs. Gutierrez. Likewise, we are in good hands with Ms. Johnson serving as our new Assistant Prinicpal. Please select this LINK to view a brief introduction and farewell from these 2 wonderful ladies.

Planning Ahead With our Campus Calendar

To view our Campus Calendar, please select this LINK.

This is where our calendar will be found throughout the school year. This is a great tool to help you and your family plan ahead of time for school events. We already have several events for the whole school year on this calendar. We hope this makes the school year flow well for you.

Annette Perry Elementary School Meet the Teacher Night & Parent Orientation Night 2023-2024

  1. Meet the Teacher Night will be a come-and-go experience on your own schedule within the time block allotted. Students and parents will meet the teacher, see the classroom, see the building, place supplies in the student locker, and see other desirable areas and staff.
  2. Parent Orientation Night will be a tightly scheduled experience for teachers to present information to parents. We will start promptly with a welcome and TITLE 1 PRESENTATION by the principal, then teachers will give presentations. This experience will total 45 minutes. Part of this experience will be a Q&A for parents. At the end of the 45 minutes, we will end the event to prepare for the next grade level to begin their Parent Orientation. You are welcome to attend all presentations.
  3. Why 2 separate nights dividing Meet the Teacher Night from Parent Orientation Night? We hold these events separately for all grade levels except PreK because we have learned that when we do this event in 1 night, most parents and families cannot stay the whole time nor can they sufficiently digest the amount of information given. So, we began having these events on 2 different nights which has proven to work much more productively for parents.

Registration and Enrollment Information

Please select this LINK to view registration and enrollment information. This information will help you tremendously.

School Supplies Lists 2023-2024

Select this LINK and to view information about our School Supplies Lists for all grade levels at Perry 2023-2024.

Volunteer Background Check

Please select this LINK to fill out a short form for your volunteer background check. (Please use a computer, not a phone/device.)

Volunteers must be 21 years old or older. Please have all parents, guardians, grandparents, and others complete this if they plan to chaperone any field trips, field days, bring your mom/dad to school days, attend team parties, volunteer with PTA, or volunteer to help teachers.

Every school year, you must complete this short form to sign up as a volunteer anywhere in our school district. Do this now and you will be set for the school year 2023-2024. Please use a computer, not a phone/device.

Two weeks after completing the backgound check, you can ask your child's homeroom teacher to verify if your background check cleared or not. The teacher will have access to look at the list of names that have cleared. If your name is listed, that means it cleared. If it is not listed by that time, then you would have recieved an email from HR asking you to contact HR about those details. Until your name is listed on this list, I cannot permit you to volunteer or particpate in the above listed type activities -- I hope you understand, I'm sorry.

Join PTA

Joining PTA means donating $10 to PTA. I ask that all families join PTA because this $10 will give our PTA the necessary funds to begin ordering items for the begining of the year events and spirit wear. So, please join PTA this month -- preferrably this month. The website opens August 1, 2023. Here is the LINK.

Yes, I am THAT Principal who has no shame in asking for donations to our school to help my students have their best year of school ever at THE BEST SCHOOL IN THE UNIVERSE!

Perry PTA Facebook Page

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Our youtube channel has videos of several announcements and events current and past.