Art and Music

Drums were made from a turtle shell many of their structures were of people and animals. They looked very realistic.


Aztec originated in northern Mexico and arrived in Mesoamercia in the 13th century. In central Mexico they developed a social, political, religious and commercial organization that brought many of the region citystates under their control by the 15th century.


Gods : Ituitzilopochti, Tlaloc, Chalchinhtliue, Coatlicue, Tezcatlipoca, Altuizotl


Aztec Temples were called by the Mexico people of the empire Teocalli (God Houses)

Religion/Rituals/ Customs

Aztec Religion it took the gods 5 times to create the world. These attempts failed because of fighting gods them self.

The afterlife of a person was based mostly on how they died.

Ancient Aztec religion was focused on how the gods, humans, nature were interconceled.

houses and Buildings

materials used to build their houses were lime plaster for the walls or floors , while local wood and soil could be used in the construction.

Trade and Ecomoy

The Aztecs traded everything and it was an important part of their life. They grew beans, squash, avocados, tabacco, peppers and corn. they produced enough food not only to supply their needs but also for the entire city and played the role to trade.

Tools And Work Animals

One common weapon was the spear. they were extremely sharp and sometimes 7ft long. the spears were called tepoztopilli.


due to the reach of their trade and tribute network Aztecs had access to a number of natural pigments. As a result Aztecs Hieroglyphics are notable for both their lavish colors and their ability to convey complex ideas through a combination of images.


The advances demonstrated the Aztecs are so remarkable that they are still looked upon adoringly to this day. Just a few of the Aztecs accomplishments have been the development of mathematics. They highly specialized in calendars and helpful forms of medicine.

Math/ Number System

The Aztec number system was a base of 20 vegisimal system. the notation used was dots and glyphs. A series of dots represented the first nine numbers.Ten was represented by a diamond. twenty was represented by a flag, different feathers stood for hundreds, and a bag of cacao beans represented 8000.

Government/ Taxes

Merchants paid taxes on the goods that they sold, artisans paid taxes based on the value of their services, and barrios paid taxes trough crops that they produced. failure to pay taxes was punished through slavery or the confiscation of property.


The Aztecs were located in the middle of the Mexico Valley in the middle of lake Texco. The Valley was very marshy and scattered with islands. the islands were unwanted and solid ground was needed so the Aztecs began sinking large trees and covering them with mud and boulders creating a solid surface.