The Reef Resort

By: Charles Noblin

Resort Descripton

The entire resort including hotel, pool, golf course, and coastline will be about 300 square acres along The Great Barrier Reef. This resort will have a five star hotel that will stand 150 ft. tall and will have 10 stories. Our vacationers will have access to nearly half a mile of shoreline to kick back and relax. Our tremendous golf course is 6,850 yards and 18 holes. Our swimming pool is quite nice as well, it is 100 x 60 meters, in has a special kids section where it is shallower. There is water slide that stands 50 feet high! There are also two diving boards. We have free Wi-Fi, and a free delicious breakfast.

Why By The Reef?

This resort should be made near The Great Barrier Reef for various reasons. The biggest reason is it will bring in a lot of tourists, since it will be built along the beach. It should also be built along the reef because it is just a great place to build a resort since there will be so many things to do.

Economic Benefits

This resort will benefit economically because it will bring in great amounts of tourism. It will also possibly create other businesses nearby because there will be more people, which will create more and more businesses which will help the community grow.

Reef Protection Efforts

Efforts that will be put towards protecting the reef will be signs along the beach reminding tourists to protect and keep the reef clean. Along with that in every room we will leave a flyer reminding the visitors to protect the reef.