Student Tech Bytes

March 16, 2021

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Revised Hotspot Check Out Process

ITS has revamped the process being used to check out hotspots to students in an effort to ensure we are responding to and providing students in need with hotspots quickly.

If you need to request a hotspot, please fill out the Hotspot Request Form (below). Once a request has been made and a device is available, our tech team will reach out to you and schedule an appointment for pick up at our Curbside Tech Support location.

Play this Women's History Month Kahoot

Winners from last week's Kahoot

  1. Gabriela
  2. M
  3. JCJ
  4. Ingi
Learning how to be a good digital citizen is a very important life skill. PUSD has partnered with Common Sense Education to prepare our students in becoming 21st century learners. Below, you will find engaging lessons for your students, and a link to resources for parents/guardians.

This month's focus is Digital Footprint & Identity, which means being aware of our online presence and what information we tell others about ourselves online. Please visit our Digital Citizenship Canvas Course for videos and activities by grade level in English and Spanish.

Winter Wellness - Dance & Sing Along

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Shamrock Shake (Dance-A-Long)

Check out the great work being done at WSMA!

Integration Spotlight WSMA

Parent Resources

Check grades in Aeries

Thanks to students from SIerra Madre Middle for helping create this video!