Welcome to science open house!!

Emily Coplan

PBL project

I liked the earthquake PBL because we got to pick are teams we would build a house for Tony. This project helped me learn that if you dont build your house on a flat surface and there is an earthquake your house will fall. This project helped me learn about teamwork and if you work together you will get the project done faster.


30 hands project

The 30 hands project, I have learned that the world may be more dangerous then it may seem. I also have learned that the 30 hands project is a way that helped me get a good grade on the chapter test. This project also have taught me alot more than just reading the textbook and ISN.


Invention Convention

The invention convection is a project is where you create an invention and is not already invented. My invention is a solar panel work out machine that you dont need to plug in. Are/my invention solves the planet by not putting mpharmful substances into the air.