Fresh Water Crisis

By: Maddison.M

Why do we need fresh water?

Water is full of water-borne disease. Because it naturally has disease in it, water needs to be cleaned before anyone can drink it. If it is not cleaned, then people will get sick.

unsafe water cause 80 per cent of the disease in the developing world.

What are the effects of not having fresh water?

  • You do not get to live as long as you should
  • Every minute somebody dies from not having fresh water
  • in 2012 783 million people did not have clean drinking water and that made up 11 per cent of the population of the world
  • 6,000 children die every day from diseases associated with unsafe water

Who doesn't have fresh water?

A lot of countries in Africa do not have freshwater but there are countries all around the world that have this problem too. Here are the other top ten countries who need freshwater:

  • Afghanistan
  • Ethiopia
  • Chad
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Haiti
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Rwanda
  • Bangladesh

Also in Sub-Saharan Africa over 40 per cent don’t have fresh drinking water.

Why don’t they have fresh water?

  • Poverty
  • Poor access (it is just not available)
  • They have no plumbing
  • Even if it is available it becomes contaminated
  • They don't have money to maintain properly equipment like wells
  • Water quality testing is not done very often
  • People are not often educated in the use of clean water
  • It costs a lot of money to drill for water
  • The water get contaminated from there toilet water

How can Canadians Help?

Canadians can help by donating to:

  • Freshwater Alliance
  • The water project
  • Water aid America
  • LifeStraw

And and other organizations. You can also raise awareness, promote good practice, motive people.But make sure when you donate to do your research before you give an organization your money.

Fun fact

One flush of an Candan toilet is equal to the amount of water one person in a developing country uses in a hole day.
Water Changes Everything.