Come To Our Women's Garden Club!

Learn all sorts of tips and tricks about gardening!

The First Meeting is Approaching!!

It's important and you should totally come because we will be planting for fun! And if you like gardening, please come! We will always have a seat for you! And remember, ladies only!

First Green Gardening Club Meeting!

Friday, June 7th, 10am-2pm

San Diego, CA

Come for lunch and a chat about gardening tips and tricks and techniques! A day about gardening!


10:00 AM: Arrival. Don't be late!

10:30 AM: Introduce yourself! Get to meet other people because we will be meeting again!

11:00 AM: Sharing info, tips, tricks, advice, and what types of plants are best for house backyards.

11:30 AM: Grab your wallets, ladies, because we're heading out for lunch!

12:00 PM: Lunch interval.

12:30 PM: Heading back to the club to get gardening!

2:00 PM: Pack your things up and head home!

We Are the Green Gardening Club for Women!

We let women do the job this time. Gardening can not only be a passion, but something to create pleasure too! Have fun, ladies! Remember, gardening with other people is not only about the plants turning out well, it's about social interaction and getting to know people!