Saji Girls

Please Donate


The Ubuntu Charity is an organization that helps children in South Africa get an education and a better life. Jacob Lief and Malizole ¨Banks¨ Gwaxula started Ubuntu Educatio Fund in 1999. One of the Saji Girls's Dad Andrew Rolfe is a part of the Ubuntu organization.

Our Mission

Saji Girls is an organization connected with Ubuntu to help children in South Africa have a better life. What we are going to do is put boxes around the Middle School,Lower School, and Upper School and ask children to donate their clothes,and toys. After a certain amount of time the boxes will be shipped to Africa with the help of Ubuntu.

Please Donate Your Clothes and Toys.

Saji Girls Official Website

If you want to learn more about the Saji Girls go to our website. Please feel free to ask us questions on the website as well. I hope you enjoy it!