Weekly Message

VOLUME 2 ISSUE 28~ 5.2.16

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All professionalism evidence was due today. If I do not have anything from you as I'm completing this newsletter, I will just score you according to what I think.

Professionalism Evaluation Schedule- (Revised)

Tuesday, May 3

11:00 Jane Allen

11:30 Jimmy Coleman

11:40 LaQuisha Webb

11:45 Tiffany Pettigrew

12:00 Lisa Ozier

1:00 Patrick Bunch

1:15 Regina Crawley

1:30 Courtney Davis

* Please note the time changes

*Updating Achievement Measures for All Districts

As a result of the recent contract termination with testing vendor Measurement Incorporated, a number of achievement measure selections are no longer valid, which requires all districts to ensure that selected measures are valid for all educators. Invalid selections include any measure that references TCAP in any way. Click here for a complete list of valid and invalid achievement measure selections.

Here are the next steps for updating achievement measures in TNCompass:

  1. Districts should determine how updates will be made - either at the district level or at the school level.
    • If at the district-level: Directions for completing centralized, batch uploads into TNCompass are available here.
    • If at the school-level: School administrators will make individual updates within TNCompass.
  2. Districts should communicate to educators the changes necessitated by the evaluation flexibility law and the recent testing developments by providing the two most recent FAQs (Evaluation Flexibility for Teachers and Suspending TNReady/TCAP Testing for Grades 3-8), and directing educators to learn more on the TEAM website.
  3. Districts should collect updated Achievement Measure Worksheets (click here for the updated worksheet) to keep on file locally—the department is not collecting these worksheets.
  4. Districts or administrators should make achievement measure updates in TNCompass no later than May 15. Again, this can be done through a centralized, batch upload at the district level or individualized changes at the school level (step 1).
Educators are not required to change previously selected achievement measures, provided that they have chosen valid selections. All valid selections must be made in TNCompass no later than May 15. Note that many “off the shelf” assessments approved by the state board were utilized as RTI2 universal screeners and may serve as an achievement measure.

*** What this means for us is that we will not claim East's scores. We will only use Mastery Connect or Star Early Literacy. Your evaluations now count 85% of your score. The rest will be Mastery Connect. If you have any questions, see me.

Evaluation: Self Scores

We will show you how to do this in PLCs next week. From now on, you are to enter your own self scores for your evaluations into TNCompass. You should've received an email at the beginning of the year with login information. You can get on here and see all of your evaluation data. The site is https://tdoe.tncompass.org/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f. Mrs. Jennifer will be sending out an email today with more information.

Special Education Referrals

Please run all referrals for special education or speech through me or Ms. Mia. Please do not go directly to Ms. Courtney, Ms. Jenkins, or Mrs. Diane. Please use Ms. Courtney as a resource but consult Ms. Mia or I if you feel there's a deeper problem.


If you have no already put in to take off, I will not be approving anymore days off this year from anyone, unless you provide me a legit reason and you provide an excuse.
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