The Water Cycle

and how radiation, convection, and conduction apply

This is the Water Cycle

This is where condensation, evaporation, runoff, and precipitation all take place. Radiation, conduction, and convection are also involved when the Water Cycle occurs.

These are the types of ways that heat can transfer

This is how Radiation occurs during the Water Cycle

The radiation waves that emit off the sun heat up the water on the Earth, evaporating it into gas. The gas then goes up into the atmosphere to condense.

This is how Convection occurs during the water cycle

After the water evaporates, the warm air is lifted up into the clouds by convection. The process of the warm air going up and cold air going down in a circle lifts the warm air to the clouds to precipitate.

This is how conduction occurs during the water cycle

When the warm air cools down and precipitates, the water produced touches the ground as runoff and makes it way back to the original water source. When it touches the ground, the water heats up all the way the hill or mountain.

That is how Radiation, Convection, and Conduction occur during the water cycle