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Friday, October 23, 2020 (Week #7)

Connections, Connections, Connections...

Principals' Weekly Mesaage

Parents & Guardians:

As we finish up week number five, it’s good to reflect upon our trajectory steps of learning. There’s no doubt that there are challenges built in to the multiple platforms we are using to teach our students. However, there are also many positives built in as well. I want to clearly recognize your patience as caregivers, as we all know you are balancing your own work schedules and family demands to help support your child’s learning growth; this isn’t an easy task. Also, I want to recognize how hard it is for a child to have the inner-drive to meet the demands of “taking control” of their own learning; this isn't easy either. We are all getting better each day at this, while learning how to balance life as well. Please know that we are all here to work with you and support any need that may arise. Our teachers are working extremely hard at connecting, supporting and moving the learning forward. We all need to continue to work together as a TEAM, as it truly takes a village to support learning needs, especially during a pandemic. I want to thank you for your continued trust and partnership as we move forward. Let’s finish up the month of October in strong fashion. #TeamCMS20

See below for some important points of the upcoming week.

Dean W. Packard, Principal


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Student Handbook

I am enclosing a link to our Student Handbook. Each year, we are responsible for getting a parent/guardian sign-off sheet that you have received and review the contents of the present Handbook. Please take a few minutes to review it and then acknowledge receipt. Thanks so much for your assistance with this. Student Handbook 2020-2021 Caregiver Handbook Sign-Off Form (Please Complete This)


Our district is providing lunches for all students. Upon dismissal, students are given a bagged lunch (these lunches are really good) to bring home each day. If you have any questions about lunches, please reach out to our Cafeteria Manager Miss Montville at

School Council 2020-2021

I will be putting together this year’s School Council. This year we will be conducting the council from a virtual platform. If you have an interest in being serving on this year’s council, please fill out the Form below. School Council members work together with current staff to shape our School Improvement Plan and review school budgetary needs and will meet on Thursdays. Please consider being part of our school’s visionary plan. For more information, please contact Principal Dean Packard at School Council Sign-Up Form


It’s very important to remind your children that grading is real. Just because you may be remote and not face-to-face, there is still an expectation of completing assignments. Please remind your children to do their best and seek assistance when needed. We are all here to help. Also, please continue to monitor the Parent Portal so you can stay updated on your child’s academic progress. If you need assistance accessing the Parent Portal, please email Mrs. Andre or Mrs. Kasierski at or

Understanding of the Unified Arts Schedule

As we moved into the half day Hybrid schedule, the rotation of days changed. Students will experience their Unified Arts classes for the entire week, instead of rotating on a two-day cycle. For example, next week’s cycle will be on a days 1 & 2 cycle for the entire week. The following week will be days 3 & 4. I hope this helps produce some clarity for students and parents.

Student Self-Certification:

If you haven’t already started, please be sure to complete this Form daily. All information goes directly to the nurse. Thank you for your understanding as this process is important to protect everyone.

Student Self-Check Form (Please Complete Daily)

Student Biographical Sheet:

Thank you to everyone who has completed this process. If you haven’t, please take a moment to complete it. Once completed, you can either mail completed form to us, copy it and drop it off in the box located outside our school or PDF it and email the completed form to or

Student Biographical Sheet

Please reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.

Hybrid Schedules: (These are samples and small adjustments may be required as needed)

Grade 8 Student Hybrid Schedule

Grade 7 Student Hybrid Schedule

Grade 6 Student Hybrid Schedule

Grade 5 Student Hybrid Schedule

The Week Ahead

Monday, October 26th

- Cohort A Hybrid In-Person – Cohort B Remote Learning Day

- Days #1 & 2 Unified Arts Schedule

Tuesday, October 27th

- Cohort A Hybrid In-Person – Cohort B Remote Learning Day

- Days #1 & 2 Unified Arts Schedule

Wednesday, October 28th

- Independent Remote Learning: Students access Google Classrooms for asynchronous learning opportunities. It’s important to note that as we continue to work out the norms of our remote learning model – our students will be strongly encouraged to develop the needed skills in Digital Literacy as well as Digital Citizenship. This will be very important as we move through the coming weeks. During the Remote Learning platform, all school expectations apply with respect to behavior, etc. What is acceptable in school is our benchmark for communications and interactions within the remote learning environment. Please remind your children of this – Thank You.

- Days #1 & 2 Unified Arts Schedule

Thursday, October 29th

- Cohort B Hybrid In-Person – Cohort A Remote Learning Day

- Days #1 & 2 Unified Arts Schedule

Friday, October 30th

- Cohort B Hybrid In-Person – Cohort A Remote Learning Day

- Days #1 & 2 Unified Arts Schedule

IXL Information Letter

Parents & Guardians please see the enclosed letter outlining what we are doing with IXL

Mr. James Scanlon - Athletic Director's Message

Please click here to access the latest news from Athletic Director, Mr. Scanlon about middle school sports.