The Nurse from Romeo and Juliet is kind of like a personal assistant. The Nurse is a maid/servant who is working for the Capulets. Nurse gives Juliet advice and helps her through different things. The Nurse is always helping Juliet. The Nurse shows the theme of , people should always help the ones they love. Nurse shows this by, helping Juliet be with Romeo, keeping the relationship between the two secret, helping Juliet and Capulet with the Paris and Juliet wedding, and helping Juliet see Romeo with out getting caught.

Act III Scene 3

Juliet has no way to communicate with Romeo without getting caught. If Juliet got caught with a Montogue, her life would be over. Juliet needs to talk to Romeo so she send the Nurse to go find him and give him this ring so Juliet tells Nurse, "O find him! give this ring to my true knight..." (1055, l.154) Nurse acts as a messenger between Romeo and Juliet. Since Nurse is Juliet's servant, That is why she tells Nurse to be a messenger. Nurse is risking a lot by helping Juliet. If Nurse got caught she would be fired and Juliet would also be in a lot of trouble. The fact the Nurse is doing this for her proves that she loves her.
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Act II Scene

Since Romeo and Juliet are not allowed to see each other, the Nurse is their messenger. The Nurse helps Romeo and Juliet get married, Nurse is telling Juliet, "There stays a husband to make you wife." (1077 l.41) Nurse knows that is Juliet gets caught marrying a Montogue bad things will happen. Nurse helps Juliet out by not telling her family, or anyone that they are getting married. Nurse loves Juliet and knows that she should be with Romeo, that it why she is helping so much. Nurse cares a lot about Juliet and just wants what is best for her.
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Act IV Scene 2

While Capulet is trying to get the wedding between Paris and Juliet planned, he tells Nurse, "Go Nurse, go with her. We'll to church tomorrow." (1077 l.41) Nurse is being helpful by preparing Juliet for the wedding. The Nurse wanted to be a part of something that is this important because she loves Juliet. The Nurse pretty much raised her. By the Nurse taking Juliet to prepare, this gets Juliet to leave Capulet alone so he can continue and get the wedding all planned considering the wedding was going to be the next day.
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Act III Scene 5

The Nurse is doing everything she can to help Juliet be with Romeo without getting caught. Whenever someone is coming, she warns Juliet. For example, " wary, look about." (1064 l.41) Nurse told This to Juliet because Romeo was on Juliet's balcony and she wanted to make sure Juliet was alert in case someone was coming. Soon Lady Capulet came upstairs and thankfully, the Nurse warned Juliet so Romeo would leave and she would not get caught. Nurse is very kind and without Nurse, Juliet would not get to be with the one she loved.
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