Taylor Fey performance of Keith Snell's flute piece

Welcome to Taylor Fey's Flute performance

Taylor's song has been included in many solo books and is a type of music that can be played on an instrument.

Taylor has explored new songs and composers this last couple weeks. She has enjoyed playing Rondo and learning new things about it. The song was a blast to play and she has had fun doing research on it.

Taylor's Flute Solo Performance

Wednesday, April 15th, 9:30am

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

Biography about Keith Snell

Keith Snell is well known for his ability to play, teach and write piano music. In, 1984, Snell had won the Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition. The money provided his London debut. The piano player got diagnosed with Focal Dystonia ( motion injury) in his right hand. After teaching at many schools, Keith finally returned to the stage in 2006. Unfortunately being only able to play left handed, it must have been a challenge to play like all of the composers.

Taylor's Biography

Taylor lives in Fargo, ND. She enjoys doing activities such as sports and art. She loves playing piano and guitar outside of flute in school. She thinks that music is spontaneous to her and it lets her enjoy herself.


Allegro~ Allegro refers to in music a tempo marking. It is a brisk/ lively movement.

Treble Clef~ A clef placing G above middle C.

Slur~ A slur has a meaning of playing smoothly.

F~ F means loud

MF~ MF stands for mezzo forte moderately loud.

FF~ FF stands for fortissimo meaning very loud.

Fermata~ Meaning note should be played beyond its normal count.

Crescendo~ Meaning growing sound.

24 time signature~ The 2 in 24 time means that there are 2 beats per measure. The 4 stands for each quarter note gets the beat.

Accent~ Emphasize the note.