What is abnormal Sexual Behavior?

Desires of orgasm or sexual pain

Sexual Dysfunctions and disorders

Sexual dysfunctions is the loss or impairment of the ordinary physical responses of sexual function. These dysfunctions are quite common in both men and women and can vary from culture to culture. sexual disorders can be characterized as "the psychophysiological changes in the sexual response system which causes stress and interpersonal difficulty's". Sexual Disorders come in many forms such as; sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasmic disorders, and sexual pain disorders. Two specific disorders that are rarely talked about is sexual pain disorder and orgasmic disorders, this may be due to the fact that there was very limited information available on these disorders in the past.

Causes and treatments for sexual dysfunctions

Some causes of sexual dysfunctions can be physically, mentally, and hormonal, many physical symptoms such as urinary or bowel difficulties, pelvic surgery, fatigue, headaches, other pain problems can diminish sexual interests. Another factor to consider is certain medications such as anti depressants, they can decrease your sex drive and your body's ability to experience orgasm. Religious and cultural beliefs, psychological and social, and hormone levels can also be considered as contributors to sexual dysfunction. Treatment options will vary depending on the severity and complexity of the disorder, in many cases therapy and medication will be a routine treatment plan. It is also recommended that talking about your issues and needs with your partner, adding lubrication, devices, while practicing healthy dieting, and exercise can be very beneficial.