Cacophony to Harmony

A Step by Step Journey

This week, continuing the theme of supporting new teachers through the phase called Disillusionment, we present "Step by Step," a poem indited by our own Dana Vivit, SUSD music teacher at the elementary schools. Ms. Vivit expresses woes of the new teacher yet resolves to acknowledge the teacher's purpose and joy.

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Dana Vivit

Step by step,

I must remember,

even when things seem easier than the year before,

that every day is a new beginning.

Many things change;

students, teachers, and classes rearrange --

there is no same.

How can I keep up with all that is needed?

I feel the discordance.

Many setbacks and pressures of not enough time in a day...

Worry, will I be ready for what comes next?

Setbacks, will I get through it all?

How do I keep students interested?

How do I keep them growing?

Pressure, to finish on time,

Will there be time?

One test ... then another . . . when will it all end?

I just want to teach.

Through the dissonance,

I find the true moments of Harmony.

A student remembers a note!

The band plays a song!

A troubled student finds his or her way!

Ah, resolution from cacophony to harmony!

Step by step,

one class,

one test,

one project,

to plan and prep

for my students.

(May 2019)

Ms. VIvit composed this poem, used with her permission, as her Capstone Project at the end of her second year with us. She continues on her credential journey this year. Dana, thank you for your steadfastness and your passion for instrumental music. Our SUSD students, many for the first time, enjoy musical expression because of you.