Philosophy of Leadership

Magda Carrero-Diaz

Why am I a leader?

I believe that education is an empowering process that allows children to become responsible citizens, critical thinkers, and leaders. I am passionate about serving our community, collaborating with all stakeholders, and encouraging others to make students' success possible.

The following five principles guide my approach to leadership:

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1. Commitment

I will be dedicated to serve and support my team so we can help our students and our community.

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2. Inspiration

  • I will create an environment that will inspire each individual’s greatness to emerge.
  • I will recognize my team members’ strengths, and I challenge them to achieve extraordinary things for our students.
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3. Collaboration

  • I will promote teamwork and communication; I will empower my team to make contributions during the decision-making processes.
  • I will be a teacher and a learner.
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4. Preparation

I will plan projects, tasks or activities not only with the end in mind but also with attention to the details.

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5. Accountability

  • I will abide to district and state guidelines to accomplish my responsibilities.
  • I will set the standards that will measure my team's success; we will individually and collectively own the outcome.
  • I will use the data collected though the assessment process to adjust and improve our practices.