Fifth Grade in Review

First Semester of Ms. Jessup's Class Fall/Winter 2013

Class on Fox 4 Morning News

Jessup's Fifth Grade Class on Fox Morning News

Ms. Jessup & Bailey were featured on Channel 18's Thankful Segment.

What are you thankful for, Park Hill?

First Day Inspiration

Students shared their positive attitudes.

Class Kickball Game for Good Behavior

We analyzed ourselves as readers...

We learned how to get others' opinions and share our own in a respectful manner.

Cain shared his football player aspirations... and argued with Ms. Jessup about Broncos versus Chiefs all season. Turns out, Cain is usually right when it comes to football and math. :)

Ms. Jessup bought a Mizzou-colored house to grade papers in!

Fifth Grade Musical

Fall Party

Top 5th Grade Class in Scholar Dollar Fundraiser Sales!

Winter Party