Types of mining and fracking

Types of Mining

Subsurface: soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit are removed.

Subsurface:the removal of minerals and from underground.

Strip Mining

type of surface mining that involves digging into the earth`s rock and other material to uncover minerals.Usually coal or other rocks of sedimentary origin discovered

Open Pit Mining

extracting rock or minerals from the earth by their removal from an open pit, borrow. usually broad, funnel shaped. Radioactive elements can be hazardous when crushed.

Mountain Top Removal

mining of the summit or summit ridge(top rigid part) of a mountain. Coal extracted from a mountain by removing the land.Harmful chemicals can leak into nearby water sources, mountain takes long time to repair itself

Slope Mining

The obtaining of coal and ore through a shaft traveling downwards towards desired material.

Drift Mining

horizontal passageway in a mine containing coal or ore. can intersect surface, as some material can be on the side of a hill, also effects the appearance of a hill.

Shaft Mining

deep, vertical mining that has no full access to the bottom, railroad looking. Sometimes dangerous to navigate.

The Dangers of Fracking

What is it?

drilling and injecting of fluids into the ground in order to get shale rocks

How it`s done

fracking fluid(mixture of water and sand)is injected into the ground using a drilled pipeline.

Negative Effects

gas as well as toxic chemicals may leak through the process, resulting in the contamination of our drinking water.