National Hellenic Museum

School Programs - Middle Grades - 5th through 8th grades

Loot of the Afterlife
For children to understand the difference between burials of the elite and the proletariat from the time period of Agamemnon to Alexander the Great in Ancient Greece. Children will use self-discovery to investigate artifacts related to ancient Greek burials. Children will test their knowledge by comparing and contrasting the artifacts to determine if the artifacts belong to an elite burial or a proletariat burial. Students will conclude the program by creating red and black face pottery as depicted in the elite burials.

Culture Shock

When Greeks came to the U.S. during the Great Wave of immigration, they faced a challenging and sometimes inhospitable environment. Students will follow the journeys of Greek immigrants and learn how they adapted to create a Greek-American identity, leading a discussion about how cultural traditions are carried on by individuals. Then, they will put themselves in an immigrant’s shoes and write postcards home

Greek Monsters (Tentative – after November 2014)

Street Art Tour with Name Alien Craft (Tentative after November 2014)

Education Department

Dimitra Georgouses, Education Coordinator

Jennifer Castellanos, School Programs Coordinator