Green Day

By Lakyn Richard


The Grammy award wining band Green Day made an explosion when the band came out with their albums "American Idiot" and "Dookie"

Early Life

In 1989 Billie Joe Armstrong (singer) and Mike Dirnt were 17 and in a band when they started putting out songs on the DIY punk scene in Berkeley, CA. In 1990 Tre Cool joined the band as a drummer.
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Musical Accomplishments

Once the band first official album came out things started rolling. 39/Smooth can out in April of 1990 which is the bands first album that was professionally produced. From 1990 to 2014 Green Day has released 35 albums.Their most popular album and song is "American Idiot" which was released in 2004 and won a Grammy in 2005 for the best rock album. The band is also working on a new album called "More Boring Days". The band has 36 awards to their name.
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Green Days Album "American Idiot" Cover

Fun Facts

It has been clear since the day they made their first appearance the genera of their music, they are classified as, pop rock, punk rock and alternative rock. Before Green Day was Green Day the were called "Sweet Children". The most popular and most recognizable song is "American Idiot". They have inspired quite a few artist like 5 Seconds Of Summer.
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Where Are They Now

The band has made many hits and earn many fans. Teens from the 90's and today cant get enough of the band. A documentary about the band is coming out very soon.
Green Day - American Idiot [OFFICIAL VIDEO]