Plan A Colony

By: Jaylan Jones

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My Colony

Above is my colony. In San Antonio there is a lot of coal and natural gas. We are in need of a shelter, because many of us will die of heat stroke. Typically we don't travel as packs, because it's so hot, we want as many as possible to survie these severe conditions. We are coming from a very humid area, surrounded by many landfills, which is Houston. We travel with many horses. Before, we came to San Antonio we packed lots of water for the horses, so they won't dehydrate. We carried along a lot of granite, so we could build a shelter that would meet are needs. Such as blocking sunlight, and keeping shade. We travel with 10 people at a time, so that many people have all the water provided. We traveled 197 miles / 317 Km to get to San Antonio. It took about 7 hours, each trip. I personally made at 18 trips to get every colonist. Which is about 126 hours, calculated into 2.1 days. As an empresario of Houston, I want to do this.

To become a colonist in San Antonio. You have to be Catholic, be apart of the Spanish government. You have to come from Houston. You have to serve our president with respect. Also,if these things are not done, you have to go back to Houston, and travel to Spain. When going to Spain you will be punished, as to serving the King and Queen, and become a slave.