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Important Dates

  • Tuesday, September 21st - P'jammin for Pediatric Cancer - Wear PJs for a $5 donation
  • Friday, September 24th - Hat Day - Wear a hat in school for a $5 donation
  • Monday, September 27th - Streaks for Support - Hair sprayed with colorful streaks for a $5 donation
  • Friday, October 1st - Pediatric Cancer Awareness Raffle Winners announced
  • October 11th - Columbus Day - No School
  • October 12th - Student Non-Attendance Day - No School

Information from Mrs. Grosch

Hi MJ Families,

I have been so very hopeful that my communication this year would focus more on what teachers are teaching, what students are engaged in, and the special events that occur in a school each day. Unfortunately, this COVID virus continues to present challenges that are disruptive to our school day and in turn your families. Despite our efforts to continue with increased cleaning protocols, maintain distance from others, wash hands frequently, and wear masks, we have had positive cases of COVID confirmed among our staff and students. The following information is based on current protocols and directives. We regularly receive updates and I will continue to communicate with you as guidance changes.

When a positive case is confirmed through a positive test, we initiate contact tracing. A team goes through a checklist to gather information including the positive person's last day in the building as well as any others the person was in contact with. We determine bus ridership and before /after school daycare arrangements. We consult seating charts and look at the specials schedule. We consider any related services students may receive, whether or not there were any substitutes on site, and siblings who attend Marion Jordan. It is a labor intensive, time consuming process conducted to identify what we can do to minimize the spread of the virus once it is confirmed to have been on our campus.

Oftentimes, the result of contact tracing is the identification of close contacts. Close contacts are defined as individuals who have been identified to be closer than 3 feet of the positive person for longer than 15 minutes, even if masked; or within 6 feet of the infected individual for 15 minutes or more unmasked (while eating). Guidance for close contacts on the bus are currently identified as individuals sitting within 3 feet of a confirmed positive case for 15 minutes or longer. This was just updated and should reduce the number of close contacts identified when a positive case is confirmed. The exclusion of close contacts reduces the spread of COVID. It is important for you to know others are excluded to protect your child and in turn, your child could be excluded to protect others. If identified as a close contact, individuals must quarantine for a ten (recently reduced from 14) day period per a directive from the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH). There is not a way to shorten this quarantine period. Even if a person remains symptom free, produces a negative PCR test, or tests at intervals that consistently yield negative results, there is no way to shorten this period of 10 days at this time.

Being identified as a close contact in the school setting, and/or testing positively for COVID deem students eligible for concurrent learning where they are able to live stream into their classroom in real time for the school day. We strive to make the concurrent learning as meaningful and engaging as possible. To do this, teachers have to add technology equipment, scan and upload documents, make hard copies of some materials, gather student's workbooks, textbooks, ,and devices (K-2), and consult with special area teachers as well as related service providers. Teachers need 24 hours to prepare for concurrent learners and we appreciate your patience and understanding as they do so.

If your child is learning concurrently, we ask that you help them treat the day as they would an in person school day. This means they get up at regular time, go through their typical morning routine, and log in ready to engage, on time. Teachers make every effort to engage concurrent learners just as they do the students who are physically present in the classroom. When concurrently learning, having their camera on maximizes the learning experience for your child.

There are times when children absent from school are not eligible for concurrent learning. If your child has an appointment, a toothache, or your family has an alternate plan for the day, your child is simply absent from school on those days. Teachers will allow students to make up any missed classwork in these instances. Should your child present with a symptom that could be indicative of COVID 19, and is asked to present documentation to return to school, either a Dr. note stating there is no clinical concern for COVID 19 or a negative PCR test is accepted. Please note, rapid antigen tests, nor home tests are accepted in these situations. In addition, this is another time when concurrent learning will not be offered, rather your child will be permitted to make up any missed classwork. Please contact your child's teacher directly to get the materials needed in this situation.

More than anything, we want your children to be healthy and we want them to be in school. As a district we were committed to having students, whose families chose in person learning, in school better than surrounding districts last year. Our efforts are unwavering as we continue to strive for a safe, healthy learning environment this year as well. A successful school year can only be accomplished when we work in partnership. Please keep your child home if they present with any symptoms, remind them to wash/sanitize hands frequently throughout the day, and continue to build stamina and tolerance with masks on correctly - over the mouth and nose without gaps.

Current guidelines continue to support students attending school in person. Accomplishing this will take everyone doing their part consistently. There isn't another school community I, and the MJ staff, would rather be on this journey with. Please let us know how we can continue to support your student(s) and your family. We are stronger together, and when we put children first we can do so much.

With Appreciation,
Jenny Grosch

Room Parents Wanted

Room Parents serve as a communication liaison between teachers and the parents of the students in a teacher's class. Traditional responsibilities of room parents include planning classroom parties (Halloween/Valentine’s Day); coordinate classroom volunteers per teacher request; communicate information from teacher to parents; support special projects such as materials for science projects and/or clerical tasks that can be completed at home.

Although we do not know exactly what this role will look like this year, we are currently seeking two room parents for each of our classrooms. If you have a child in any of the classrooms listed below, please consider being a room parent. If your child's teacher's name is not listed, we have already had parents volunteer for this opportunity and hope you will consider offering to serve in this capacity again next year. In the event we have too many parents volunteer for any given classroom, two parents will be identified as official room parents and the remaining volunteer's names will be forwarded to the room parents as points of contact if resources are needed.

An organizational meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, October 5th at 1pm for all identified room parents. The goal of the meeting will be to help you understand your role and provide you with tips to fulfill your role with success.

Please email me directly at if you are interested in being a room parent for any of the following classrooms for the 21-22 school year:

Pease, Clary, Mallon, Davis, Myers, Wiggins, Clarke, Bagladi, Blaisdell, Harris, McDaniels, Franti, Dargel, Meyer, Doherty, Sullivan

SHIELD Testing

District 15 has contracted with the SHIELD company for weekly screenings for COVID 19. For those who have opted in, students test every Wednesday between the hours of 12:45 and 3pm. The test is saliva based and students are asked to provide a quantity of saliva directly into a vial. The vials are then covered with a secure lid and placed into a collection bin. The vials are taken for testing in a lab off site. Results from the testing are available in 24-48 hours. Families are contacted only if a positive result is reported for their child.

As a district, we are currently in communications with SHIELD, and other third party partners, about the potential to expand our current testing protocols to include a "test to stay" option. "Test to stay" collects samples at regular, predetermined intervals. With consistent, negative results, the purpose of "test to stay" is just as its name implies - it could potentially allow students to shorten their quarantine period and stay in school. I reiterate, this is not currently an option that is available to us, it is a goal we are hopeful to achieve.

If you opted your child (ren) in for SHIELD testing through the link in Infinite Campus during the open registration time, your child (ren) is all set and should be fully participating each week. If you would like to enroll your child at this time, you will need to complete the enrollment form below and send it to the school office for us to manually add your child. In the event you enrolled your child but have reconsidered and prefer them not to participate, please email be at to convey that message. Please Note: Adding or deleting students to the roster takes time to process. The SHIELD company adds/deletes individuals. It can take up to two weeks for a student to be added or deleted and the student will not test, or will continue to test, until the system is updated.

SHIELD Opt In Form

PBIS at Marion Jordan

We have completed our station rotation where we directly taught just what it looks like to be safe, respectful and responsible in various areas of the school. We are ready to reinforce the postive choices our students will make by issuing Blue Jays to those observed (without self proclamation) to engage in any or our "3 Be's". Classes will be engaging in a friendly competition in the coming weeks to see whose class can collectively earn the most Blue Jays. Ask you child about his/her class's progress in filling up their classroom container. The winning classroom will be able to proudly house our coveted Golden Blue Jay statue in their classroom, giving them bragging rights for sure!!

Clothing Donations for the Health Office

The changing of the seasons marks a time when many choose to go through their closets and dressers to weed out any items that no longer fit. If you go through yours, please consider making a donation to our school health office. We are specifically looking for shorts, pants, and shirts for both boys and girls sizes running from K-3rd grade. We appreciate things in good condition and clean at the time of donation. You are welcome to drop things off in the office or simply send them with your child clearly marked as a donation for the health office. Thank you in advance for any donations.

September Fall Benchmarking Grades K-6

We have started gathering our fall benchmarking data for students at Marion Jordan. Our window will be from September 1-17th. This information allows for teachers to meet the needs of a wide range of learners within their classrooms. Below is some information about our upcoming assessments. If you have any specific questions related to fall benchmarking, please feel free to reach out to your child's classroom teacher.

FastBridge Grades K-1

All students in Kindergarten and first grade take the FastBridge assessment system in the Fall and Spring of each school year. FastBridge uses brief measures of early literacy and math at the Kindergarten and first grade levels. These brief assessments provide data on an early learner’s reading and math development. The FastBridge assessments typically take less than 10 minutes per student, but the data gained provides teachers with insights and suggestions to help address each child’s needs. More information about FastBridge can be found at

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Grades 2-8

Students in grades 2 to 8 take an academic test called the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). The MAP test measures each student’s achievement and growth in reading and math. Most students complete the MAP in less than 40 minutes. The MAP test provides our staff with valuable information that helps plan instruction and track student growth. Like FastBridge for the early grades, students in grades 2 to 8 take the MAP once in the fall and again in the spring. Please visit the District 15 website if you would like more information about the MAP test. If you would like to have your child practice the MAP test, you can visit the MAP practice site at:

MAP test results from the fall and spring testing periods will be available to parents via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. These results are typically posted in October and again in June.

MAP and FastBridge testing are completed at school. However, if you have a student that qualifies for virtual learning through a medical exemption, your child will take these tests remotely (at home). Students in quarantine due to a close contact with another who has been identified as COVID-19 positive, will take the MAP test or the FastBridge assessment when their quarantine ends and they return to school. If you are interested in more information about the MAP test, please contact me, your child’s teacher, or download the MAP Parent Toolkit at

Contacting Marion Jordan School

Welcome to Marion Jordan Elementary School, Home of the Blue Jays!

We are located at 100 N. Harrison Ave. Palatine, IL 60067

Our main office phone number is 847-963-5500. Our Absence Line is 847-963-5501.

Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Grosch 847-963-5505

Assistant Principal: Mr. Andrew Wilson 847-963-5504

School Office Staff: Ms. Jamie Wieckiewicz 847-963-5580 and Mrs. Jeri McWard 847-963-5503

School Nurse: Ms. Sherin Thomas 847-963-5502

Blessings in a Backpack

Marion Jordan, along with other District 15 schools, is happy to offer participation in a program called Blessings In a Backpack. The program offers shelf stable foods for students who may benefit from it over the weekends. Bags of food are lovingly packed and sent home each Friday with your student for consumption over the weekend. The bags are distributed in a discreet and caring manner here at school. We have been delighted to offer this program in previous years and are pleased to be able to start it up again this year.

The program runs the full 38 weeks of the school year. There is NO COST to a family for participation in the program and all you have to do is let me know you're interested. This past year has been difficult for many and we hope you will take advantage of this available resource.

Please let me know of your interest in participating in this program by emailing me at, or calling me at 847-963-5500.

Thank an MJ Staff Member

Teachers in general love this time of year. Marion Jordan teachers and staff members take the prospect of beginning a new year to a whole new level. They prepare their classrooms, plan lessons, organize schedules, review student records, and think about all of the possibilities the year ahead holds. As much as we recognize their efforts and successes here at school, nothing means more to a teacher or staff member than a kind word from a student or his/her family. As we get the year underway, I invite you to take notice of the things you see your child's teacher do, hear your child's teacher say, or the things you hear your child gush with excitement about related to their teacher. We've included this simple form for you to submit should you feel so inclined to do so. Children in full day school spend more of their waking day with their teacher than they do with their parents. We thank you for entrusting your child with us and look forward to a great year.

Thank A Teacher Form

From the Health Office


If you have a student in Kindergarten, 6th grade, or your child is a new student, you are required to provide documentation of your child's physical and up to date immunization status.

All health forms are due in the school health office at this time. Students with incomplete health files will be excluded from school on October 15 until the forms are received in our office. Please submit all health forms (physical and immunization documentation) as soon as possible to avoid exclusion. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Sherin Thomas at

MJ FUN RUN Kicks Off, Monday October 4th!!

MJ PTA proudly announces.......

We are so excited to tell you about our NEW fundraiser this year, the Apex FUN RUN!!

The Apex program is a 2 week leadership and fitness program that kicks off with a Pep Rally on Monday, October 4th!! Students will also be challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run at our FUN RUN DAY!! All funds raised will go towards Student and Staff programs through our PTA programs.

Kick off with a Pep Rally on Monday, October 4th, and the FUN RUN will take place on Friday, October 15th!!!

More detailed information will be coming soon!

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