Desiderius Erasmus

By: Sydney Cannon

When was Erasumus born and when did he Die?

He was born on October 27, 1466 and Died on July 12, 1536.

Important Information

  1. He was a priest and Devoted Catholic.

  2. Erasmus wanted the belief in God to go back to the way it was to “Simple Christian Goodness” he would even argue for it.

  3. He would always deny that he was a Protestant. But in the end he ended up helping prepare Europe for the Reformation.

  4. His attacks on corruption in the church made many people leave Catholicism.
Desiderius Erasmus

Interesting Facts

  1. Erasmus created a book called The Praise of Folly. This book explained the abuses that the church leaders and Clergy had done.

  2. Erasmus was put in the place of priest before the age of thirty.

  3. Desiderius studied theology ( the study of god.)

  4. Erasmus went to Paris and soon became known as an excellent scholar and lecturer.