Ice Cold Luxury

The wreck of the Titanic

One of the few survivors of the Titanic

Elsie Doling

age:18 (When she got on the Titanic).

birth:Monday 30th, October 1893.

Death:Friday 3rd, March 1972.

Type: second class

Price for ticket: L 23

Elsie Doling is an eighteen year old going to New York City with her sister-in-law Aba Doling to visit her Ada's mother. The Titanic arrives at Queenstown and Elsie and Ada get on the giant ship and then heads off to New York.

The Ship

The Titanic was 882 feet long, almost the length of four city blocks, and nin decks she was as high as an eleven story biulding. The ship had watertight compartments that would allow her to float even if the first four compartments would flood.

The Crash

Sunday , April 14 it was 11:40 pm and there was no moon and the sea was dead quite. But then the lookout saw something huge coming right at the titanic. "An iceberg" one of the watch men said then sounded the bell three times and told the bridge to put ship in reverse, but it was too late.

The Rescue

Elsie Doling and her sister in law Ada Doling tried to send a message to their family so they know their safe, but it was never sent. they both survived the wreck and was saved by the Carpathia.

Life after the titanic

After their rescue by the Carpathia, Miss Doling and her relative returned to England on board the Philadelphia on 11 May 1912. On 6 November 1920 she married an Indian Doctor William St.Alban Hendricks (1877-1966) in Bombay, India. They would have four children: John , Gerald St. Alban , Clara and Elizabeth Mary