what is malaria

malaria is a life threatening blood disease caused by a parisite a parisite is transmitted to humans by the anopheles masqutoe.

how does someone get malaria

Only anopheles mosquitoes can transmit malaria and they must have been infected thought a pervious blood.
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The Ingalls got malaria they thought they got it from a watermelon then pa ate a other watermelon and he got sicker but he still had malaria so thats why they thought they got it from a watermelon. Laura was the least sick from malaria.Mrs.Scott help the Ingalls family a doctor came and helped them so thats how they got malaria.

what are signs of getting malaria

Shaking and chills a high fever and sweating to.

what parts of the world that are at risk of geting malaria

Africa is one so is Asia and Philppines are one of the most affected areas to.

what are some ways malaria can be prevented

You can avoided areas that have malaria.