GaVS Japanese I

Frayer-sensei News Letter #3, Sept 2, 2016

Course updates

Please check your schedules and make sure you have completed assignments from 8/19/2016 through 9/1/2016 if you are taking the 18 week or the 16 week schedule. After the deadline, assignments that are missing have a zero inserted in the gradebook. Please submit the assignments that are missing asap. Penalties begin on 9/2/2016.

Kookoo-sei desu.

We are learning expressions related to schools, grades and ages. Watch the video lessons and check the phrases and vocabulary in the course content.

Japanese in Anime and Manga

You can also explore other learning sites when you complete your assignments and have extra time. Please check "Fun sites for learning" under the User Links widget, right side of the GaVS Japanese homepage. You may be interested in the site "Japanese in Anime and Manga". There is a chapter "School Expressions by Scene." You can practice conversation by clicking phrases.