Welcome Back Florin Panthers

September 2021 Counseling, College, & Career Newsletter

Counseling Department

Greetings Florin Panthers,

Welcome back in the classroom! We are excited to see students on campus. We understand that this transition can be difficult and will require us all to work patiently and diligently together as a team. Please continue to be safe, be responsible, and stay healthy.

The Counseling department provides support services to all students and families in need. We can provide academic, college/career, and social-emotional counseling to support students learning and growth. Please reach out if you need any assistance.


Ms. Fraley (A-GON) kfraley@egusd.net Google Classroom Code: lb7cv36

Mr. Nguyen (GR - NG) anguyenr@egusd.net Google Classroom Code: e5m7ztr

Ms. Lievanos (NH - T) mlievano@egusd.net Google Classroom Code: 52jzmmh

Ms. Vang ( U - Z) kivang@egusd.net Google Classroom Code: 6xdfkab

Psychologist & Social Worker:

Mr. P (Psychologist) MPenaloz@egusd.net

Ms. Hooks (Social Worker) ahooks@egusd.net

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How Your Body Manages Stress and How You Can Make It Work for You Instead of Against You

Stress happens, but you don't have to be trapped by how your body and mind respond to events or people. Our brains are designed to either 'take over by speeding up-flight/fight response' or slow down to allow for rest and digest what happened. You have the power to send a message to the brain's vagus nerve that it's time to relax and de-stress. The vagus nerve is a key part of your 'rest and digest' nervous system. It is the longest nerve in your body and influences your breathing, digestive function and heart rate, all of which can have a huge impact on your mental health. By increasing the activity in the vagus nerve you not only help your body relax faster, but also overcome anxiety and depression, and better manage them when they arise.

You can 'set the tone' by increasing the activity in your vagus nerve with the following activities:

1. Cold Exposure

- Exposing yourself to cold on a regular basis can lower your 'flight or fight' response

- Cold showers

- Finishing a shower with at least 30 seconds of cold water and work up to longer periods of time

- Sticking your face in ice-cold water

2. Deep and Slow Breathing

- Take 6 breaths over the course of a minute. Breathe through your diaphragm. When you do this, your stomach should expand outward. Your exhale should be long and slow. This is the key to stimulating you vagus nerve and reaching a state of relaxation.

- Exhaling longer

- Sighing

3. Singing, Humming, Chanting, and Gargling

- The vagus nerve is connected to your vocal cords and the muscles in the back of your throat

- Gargling water before swallowing

4. Probiotics

- Taking probiotics (gut bacteria) improve brain function by affecting the vagus nerve

- Lactobacillus Rhamnosus reduces stress hormones and less depression and anxiety-like behavior

- Bifidobacterium Longum normalized anxiety-like brain

5. Meditation

- Meditation increases vagal tone and positive emotions, and promotes feeling of good will toward yourself

- Meditation reduces 'flight or fight' activity

6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

- Omega- 3 fatty acids cannot be produced by the body. Primarily found in fish and are necessary for normal electrical functioning of your brain and nervous system

- Omega-3 fatty acids also affect many aspects of wellness, help overcome addiction, repair a 'leaky brain' and even delay cognitive decline

- High consumption of fish is associated with increased vagus activity

7. Excercise

- Light heavy weights

- Running, biking, walking

- Playing sports

- An activity that you enjoy and can stick with

8. Massage

- Foot massage

- Massaging the carotid sinus (located near the right side of your throat) can stimulate the vagus nerve and even help reduce seizures

9. Socializing and Laughing

- Positive social connections improves vagal stimulation and increases positive emotions

- Laughter

- Hanging out and laughing with your friends as much as possible

- If there is no one to socialize with, you can visualize someone you trust-even a pet- and imagine feelings of safety and connection

- You can look for cues of safety in your space or with another person

10. Harness Anxious Thoughts

- Use your five sense to focus on the moment: going outside, listening to the birds, smelling a flower are simple grounding activities which help activate the vagus nerve. There things bring your body back to the present moment, which may feel safer to your nervous system.

***For more information, please contact Mr. Penaloza (School Psychologist)

College & Career Center Support Services

The College & Career Center is here to help all students develop a college and career plan to prepare students for their next steps after high school. Help us, help you by visiting us!

We are open during lunch and after school to help students with everything college & career! You can also request a individual meeting by filling out a meeting request in the Counseling office.

Here are some ways we support students:

- college & career exploration

- career assessments

- volunteer work & internship search

- resume building & cover letter

- job applications & interview tips

- college applications

- financial aid & scholarship applications

- military connections

- more...

Plan for College & Career with CCGI!

CaliforniaColleges.edu provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college & career paths & enables educators to track their progress! All students and parents have access to www.californiacolleges.edu (CCGI) to monitor students' a-g status, take career assessments, research colleges, careers, and financial aid opportunities. Also, students will launch their college and financial aid applications through CCGI during their senior year. Here are some ways you can start preparing!

1. Check your a-g classes and grades!

2. Complete career assessments and save careers that interests you!

3. Save your college list! What's your TOP 3 Safety, Target, and Reach Colleges?

4. Learn about financial aid! What is FAFSA or CADAA? Get tips for scholarships!

Are you a Panther a-g Scholar? Check out your CCGI now!

a: History/social science (2 yrs) b: English (4 yrs) c: Math (3 yrs, 4 yrs recommended) d: Lab Science (3 yrs, 4 yrs recommended) e. Foreign Language (2 yrs, 3 years recommended) f. Visual Performing Arts (1 yr) g. College Prep. Elective (1 yr)

Using CSU and UC Eligibility Tools (Partner Districts)

Senior Parent Meeting & Financial Aid Night September 8th

Please check your synergy email for zoom invitation coming soon!

Senior College Application Dates & Deadlines

Check out upcoming student resources, events, and opportunities this month!!!

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Virtual Military Presentation

Please join us for a virtual military presentation to learn about the ASVAB, careers, and various opportunities the military career has to offer you!

What: Military Presentation

When: Sep 3, 2021 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where: Join Zoom Meeting link: https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/82665648397

Meeting ID: 826 6564 8397

Be a Undocu- ALLY! Learn about AB 540 & Undocumented Student Resources!

Join us for a formal presentation to learn from experts from the UC Davis AB540 & Undocumented Student Center. Open to students, families, and staff!

What: UC Davis AB 540 & Undocumented Student Center

When: Sep 8, 2021 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where: Virtual Zoom Meeting link: https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/81990452608

Meeting ID: 819 9045 2608

22nd Annual U-CAN Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)

Friday, Sep. 17th, 8:30am-12pm


All Students Welcome! REGISTER TODAY:


Visit with over 35 HBCU Admissions officials & recruiters

** On-the-spot admissions, scholarships, and fee waivers

**Bring current transcripts

**SAT/ACT scores (if available)

9th Annual Virtual Latino College Expo: September 18th

Saturday, Sep. 18th, 12-3:30pm


All Students Welcome!



Visit with more than 30 Educational Institutions Scholarships


**Get Accepted On-The-Spot

**One-on-one help with FAFSA or CADAA application

**Application Fees Waived

** Seminars on DACA

**Special Celebrity Appearances

Interested in Taking College Classes While in High School?

Advanced Education is intended to provide high school students with educational enrichment opportunities at the community college level. Current high school students who are interested in taking classes at one of the Los Rios Community Colleges (ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC) may enroll in a maximum of two (2) college courses each semester (summer, fall and spring).


  • Students are 16 years old, or have already completed 10th grade by the first day college classes start.

  • Students must be mature enough to understand the course material and to benefit from the presentation style.

Some Benefits of Advanced Education

  • Early Exposure to College Courses

  • Diverse Array of Classes

  • Cost Effective Way to Earn College Units

  • Closer Look at Academic Interests

Please attend one of the following information sessions to learn more about Advanced Education: https://sites.google.com/egusd.net/advancededucation/workshop-schedule

**September 30, 2021- 4:00-4:30 PM https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/81002189589 (passcode 133642)

Get connected! Apply for a Florin High College Advising Program!

Sophomore & Junior PSAT test, Wednesday October 13th

All Florin 10th & 11th grade students will have an opportunity to take the PSAT test to measure their college & career readiness, connect with colleges, and access scholarship opportunities.

Apply for Scholarships to get more FREE money for college

Scholarships for Foster Youth


Golden Door Scholarship

For DACA recipients enrolling into a four year degree - up to $40,000


Immigrants Rising

Immigrant Rising’s List of Undergraduate Scholarships contains scholarships for undergraduate studies that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency. This up-to-date list, organized by deadline date, contains scholarships at the local (Bay Area), state and national level.


Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships


Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Programs aimed at Women


County of Sacramento, Department of Human Assistance - Veterans Services

If you are the dependent of a veteran with a service-connected disability rating; or who had a service-connected disability rating at the time of death; or who died from service-related causes, you may qualify to have your college fees waived at California public colleges/universities. Contact the DHA office at 916-874-6811

LGBTQ Scholarships

See Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ students homepage for list of scholarship opportunities available.


Scholarships for California’s Latinx Students





More Scholarships can be found on the Florin HS Counseling website here: http://fhs.egusd.net/our_school/counseling/scholarships