Tech Tip Thursday #3

Week of September 22, 2014

Formative Assessment Using Technology

With the adoption of the TESS Evaluation Model in Arkansas, teachers are looking for ways to incorporate technology into their daily instruction. Formative Assessments can easily be created using technology! Here are some applications that will work on any device; iOS, Chromebooks, web, etc.
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ExitTicket Instructional Strategies Overview


FlipQuiz™​ was created to provide educators with a quick way to create your own gameshow-style boards for test reviews in the classroom.With FlipQuiz™​, questions are displayed on-screen and boards are saved for later use. Combined with a well-designed board, students are more likely to be interested and stay engaged with the test review process. Works on all devices!

Want More Resources for Formative Assessments - Check out my ITunesU Course!

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