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How To Get To Max Level In Defiance

If you are looking to level up fast and complete Defiance then you might be wondering about the max level in the game. As a rule there are no max levels – it is more your EGO rating that governs your progress in the game so by making sure you get your EGO rating up you can speed up your progress.
However this post will break it down for you and give you a guide that will tell you how to get around max level.
Max EGO rating in Defiance is currently around 5000 and here is how the breakdown looks:
Mount Tam – 65
Madera – 65
Marin – 70
Sausalito – 65
San Francisco – 65
Co-op Maps – 105
Arkfalls – 60
Enemy Groups – 30
Competitive Multiplayer – 180
EGO Evolution – 95
Combat – 180
Vehicles – 100
Reputation – 80
Social – 40

Total = 1200
Next come weapons…
13 weapon types
19 level-ups each (1-20)
4 EGO per levelup
= 76 ego per guntype X 13 weapon types
Total = 988
Finally we have the perks and powers section
80 total perks that require 3 points to max (or 10 in game levels) = 2400
IE: You jump 10 in game levels for ever experience bar fill and receive 1 ego point for that
4 Powers requiring 5 points each to max =200
Total = 2600
Pursuits = 1200
Weapons = 988
Perks/Powers = 2600
Total = 4788

So as you can see – the pursuits make up a major part of your EGO rating and then you have the perks that will be a big part of it as well.
Of course even after you have done all of that there will be some grinding that you will need to do.
I recommend at the start if you want to make some fast progress you concentrate on the main missions, leveling up the weapons, pursuits and unlocking those EGO powers and perks.
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