KING TUT - reward first person to find out how he died

Why is he missing

King Tut was found dead in his bed and the reasons are unknown his death is a mystery to all people who study him people have been looking for years for the right answer and they still have not found how he died but there are some really good reasons on how he died

Some reasons on how he died

First off he had no surviving children so that is why it is so hard to found out how he died because you can not trace back then he send a messenger and he had a message asking for for one of his sons as a husband but what happened was that the messenger died in the journey most people think that the person that was sending the message was killed at the royal palace then after that the person that was in power while king tut was still young married ankhesenamun and then they both disappeared form history so this was placed on were an important message was not given to him and he died

The most popular theory on why king tut died

Most historians and Egytologists are puzzled on how king tut died some people say he was murdered some say it was an illness and that is why this poster is going up to help find out the REAL cause of death

The Murder Theory

So this is the murder theory, and this theory most people say that it is not true because the servants had no motive to kill him they just wanted the environment that his father had made it was also known that his father made a lot of changes like saying that You could only worship one god this concept went mostly every thing the ancient Egyptians believed in

The Theory Of Ay

This theory say states the relationship between Ay and king tut when he was just a boy this theory say that there is a particular scandal that said that Ay killed king tut this was all Ay wanted to be pharaoh so the only way to that was either to wait for him to die or murder him and he chose the fast way witch was to murder him and so that is why the the murder theory is so popular