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Mixbook for Educators

Have you ever thought about using a digital scrapbook in the place of a traditional book report? This would also be a great tool for students to create their own storybooks or informational text journals. Mixbook is a powerful suite of completely customizable digital storytelling tools that can make this happen. It was originally designed as a digital scrapbooking site, but Mixbook can be a wonderful way to engage your students in the classroom. Your students can learn to write interesting and colorful e-books that can be created individually or collaboratively with a real-world tool.
Mixbook For Educators
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Ways to Use Mixbook for Educators

There are many possible applications across the K-12 curriculum for this 21st Century teaching and learning tool! Here are a few:

  • Journals or Diaries
  • Book Reports/Book Analysis
  • Science Lab Reports
  • Student Portfolios
  • Group, Class and/or School-wide Projects
  • Yearbooks
  • Photography Books
  • Field Trip/Class Party Summaries
  • Class Notes
  • Vocabulary Booklets
  • How-to Books
  • Final Projects/Culminating Activities
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Take a look at these educational examples....

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Another Idea....An Alphabet Book

In this project....the teacher created the book...and each student designed a page! Collaboration.

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YouTube offers many Mixbook tutorials if you need assistance

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