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The Epics of Beryllia



  • is deceptively sweet but venomous
  • can shatter glass and weapons
  • can spring like a cat
  • is very, very lightweight
  • can jump high (almost flying)
  • is resistant to heat and flame
  • can create aquamarine and beryl
  • can create emerald. (These gemstones can shoot spikes from her back like a porcupine for defense or from her hands for offense. They also can form wings to help her glide.)


Beryllium was isolated in 1828 by chemists Friedrich Wölhler and A. Bussy. It was originally named glyceynum (Greek for 'sweet') because the taste of it's salts, though toxic, are very sweet. The name was changed in 1957 because of its similarity to other some other names.

Characteristics of Beryllium

  • shiny metal
  • ductile (see below for information about springs in Uses)
  • heat resistant
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Important Uses for Beryllium

  • used to make beryllium copper which is used to make tiny springs, non-sparking tools and more
  • it is relatively see through on an x-ray and because of this is often used in them
  • it is used for a moderator in nuclear reactors
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