Spreadsheet - Busniess Lives

Criterian C: Creating Solution

Plan 1

1. Start the spreadsheet
2. Start to working finding the information
3. Set up the spreadsheet

Plan 2

Finding picture that relevant to my topic.
1. Find all picture from trip
2. Start to work on the travelogue
3. Put in the information

Plan 3

1. Start the travelogue
2. Set up the Word Document
3. Copy all information from Excel to Word Document

Plan 4

1. Start to do the Mail Merge

Plan 5

1. Finish the travelogue
2. Submit in the project

Design Brief

I am going to design a a5 brochure for my client. It will have some picture for the covers and there will be a washout watermark. I will insert a money column so my client can see how much the trip will cost easily. I will also make a spreadsheet and mail merge it. Because this is an easy method if we follow the steps.