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* Jewelry prices range from $10-$90 with the average price being between $26-$36
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* TWO kit options!

* Commission starts at 35% plus 35% consultant discount on all products

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* Launch date July 24th!

* ONLY $49 to reserve your spot as Founding Designer!

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Contact me, let's spread all the possibiites of Mialisia Jewelry!

Emily Redman





Hey everybody!

Welcome to my MIALISIA flyer! I recently became one of their FOUNDING designers this past July. I absolutely love the circle of Mia girls & gents I joined, because we are all so supportive of one another! I have already been just another number is someone's direct selling diary, but I wanted more for myself and my business! I have always loved jewelry, but never once came across something this different! You can get so many styles out of just one piece of jewelry,imagine that!


I always thought I was going to be one of those high end swimsuit designers spending every moment sparkling my things on the runway, well reality hit me and I decided to go to college instead! Paths in the life are more like different personalities we take on from time to time. I did the whole college thing ended up with a pretty good communications job, but something was still missing! I needed something that was fun, creative, and something that I could put my marketing strengths to work. I signed up with a DS company, but I never could get any feedback, tips, or contact my sponsor. It was a total nightmare, so I decided to sell all of my stuff. I began thinking about direct selling again and told myself, "I can do this... and I really want to do this!" I did some research and found MIALISIA! Some of my hobbies aside from all this are tennis (getting better, but not great), swimming, online shopping, and catching some rays! (I love the outdoors!)