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Technology Training - June 25, 2014

Multimedia resources

Where do I and my students find quality materials to use in their work?

ImageQuest - Images

Soundzabound - music

High School options

Photo Editing


Easily edit photos or create collages - FREE


This tool allows you to annotate a picture and add links to take the viewer further.

Unhealthy Choices Hurt!

Poster creation


Create online posters from templates

A phenomenal and easy way to make classroom newsletters

Video Creation


Great for digital storytelling.

Also an app.


Create videos that explain learning.

Can capture multiple voices.

Can upload video and pictures.


Video editor that works within Google Drive

Apps that also allow students to record as they edit:



Explain Everything - Kindergarten example

Social Media Tie-ins

Connect with students where they are...

ifaketext - Create fake text messages

What would texts between Hitler and Stalin have looked like? Wilbur and Orville Wright?

What would Jane Goodall have sent out from the jungle?

Fake Tweet Builder - Create Twitter conversations

What would two book characters say to each other?

How would an online interview look?

Practice dialog in foreign languages

Fakebook - Create fake Facebook pages

Great for biographies!

It's worth more if you share it...

QR Codes

Use QR Codes to provide anyone with a mobile device instant access to your creations, whether they are videos, pictures, websites, anything!

TodaysMeet link -->

There are endless possibilities!