An Interview with Mrs. Reeves

Callie Teale

A little bit about her teaching career

She teaches at Tomball High School in the agricultural department. She teaches grades 9-12, just depending on the class. She teaches principles of agriculture, wildlife, equine science, and advanced animal science. Not only does she teach but she coaches career and leadership development teams all year round.


  • Attended A&M Kingsville
  • Has a bachelors degree of science in agrilculture
  • Has a masters degree in science

Classes she teaches

  • Principles of Agriculture (9-12)
  • Wildlife (10-12)
  • Equine Science (10-12)
  • Advanced Animal Science (12)

Classroom Enviroment

  • Phone pockets
  • Calendar of events
  • Class objective chart
  • Desk in rows
  • Turn in tray
  • Crates for each classes notebooks
While her classroom is very organized, she keeps it colorful and decorative. The room is very positive and welcoming as smiles spread across the students faces and laughter pours out of the room.

Classroom Management Techniques and Strategies

  • Calls on students for answers
  • PowerPoint notes with explanations
  • Class discussions
  • Real life examples in her teachings
  • Allows student input on the topic
  • Has desks in rows so everyone is facing the front

Mrs. Reeves outlook on her career

Hours per week: 50-70 hours

Self Motivation on a scale of 1-10: She said 10

Biggest reward: Changing lives

Biggest challenge: Juggling all the responsibilities

My outlook on Mrs. Reeves' teaching

A metaphor about her - Mrs. Reeves is the juggler of education

3 words to describe Mrs. Reeves -

  1. Positive: She is always smiling
  2. Kind: always involving each kid
  3. Motivational: always pushing you to do your best
A poem - Teaching is fun, Teaching is hard work, teaching is passion