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News from the DLI Team - December 2021

PD Corner

If you want to brush up on Google Workspace tools, Cooking with Google offers a great opportunity for self-paced professional development. Completing each module earns you a badge along with an entry into a monthly prize drawing. When you complete 10 Cooking with Google modules, you will also be awarded 10 PDPS.

Q & A in Google Slides

Did you know there is a way for students to ask questions in your slide show in real time? Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right next to ‘Slideshow’. It gives you the option to start your slideshow with audience Q & A. This provides you with a link to share in your Google Classroom. Students can ask questions as you present in a more private way and without disrupting your flow!

Reusing Posts in Google Classroom

Don’t waste time creating a new post that is similar to one you’ve already created. Reuse your posts! In ‘Classwork’ click on the ‘+ Create’ button and select ‘Reuse post’. This allows you to reuse an assignment or post from that classroom or ANY of your other classrooms. You also have the option to edit it before posting it to your class.

Digital Learning Spotlight

This month’s Digital Learning Spotlight features Kristen Coady and Sam Rosen’s co-taught US History lesson on Pearl Harbor. As part of their exploration into the events that transpired on that historical day, students were tasked with creating live tweets from multiple perspectives of the day's events. Ms. Coady and Mr. Rosen explored numerous ways in which the students could create a “live Twitter-like feed” and decided what was most practical was to create a template that all students could access through a google slideshow. Students were able to share their “tweets” by copying the template provided and editing it to reflect a specific time and perspective. Hats off to Ms. Coady and Mr. Rosen for designing a learning experience that allows students to interact, engage and demonstrate their understanding using a creative digital approach. This activity could be modified for use at a variety of grade levels and in any content area.

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Student Data Privacy

It is our shared responsibility to ensure that student data is protected when students use various apps and websites by verifying that the company has signed a Student Data Privacy Agreement (SDPA). When selecting apps and sites to use with students, please check the FPS Data Privacy Resource Registry for compliance. If the resource is not listed, please submit a request for approval. Some resources are listed as “not approved” or “vendor unresponsive”. This means that the company will not sign an SDPA and students must not sign in to use this resource.

Some websites such as Quizlet, Epic Books and Magistrula, are allowable for students to use as long as students do not sign in. If student use of the resource is approved without students signing in, the FPS Data Privacy Resource Registry will include this information.

Cooking with Google Badge Updates

To date, FPS staff have earned a total of 291 badges! The breakdown by level is shown below. Congratulations to the December Cooking With Google raffle winner, Jamie Corbman, at FHS and thank you to The Little Shop in Franklin for generously donating a gift certificate!
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Alison Finley

Helen Keller Elementary - Tues, Weds (Room L001)

Jefferson - Thurs (Math and Literacy Specialist Room)

ECDC - Mon by appointment

Kate Merten

Parmenter - Tues (Library)

Kennedy Elementary - Weds (Room 6 Art)

Oak Street Elementary -Thurs (Music Practice Room)

Monday/Friday by appointment

John Leighton

Franklin High School (Room 251)

Chris Penza

Franklin High School - Mon, Weds, Fri (Room 251)

Horace Mann Middle School - Tues, Thurs (Band Room)

Marianne Zogby

Annie Sullivan Middle School - Mon, Weds, Fri (Room L001)

Remington Middle School - Tues, Thurs (Orchestra Room)