Don't Play Around, Toys for Newborn

How to pick the best toys for your new baby!

How can you really know what toys are the best for your new bundle of joy?

As your one month old has not developed the fine motor skills that is required to play with specific toys, and cannot wrap their tiny fingers around the majority of objects, visual toys are the perfect choice for you and your little one. Here we narrow in on three toys that you and your newborn will love plus trustworthy sites you can refer to for more information.

How can I play with my newborn?

When people say "playing with your newborn," they don't mean running around the house, playing sports or board games; they mean small tasks that not only aid in developing learning skills in the brain, but creating a bond between parent (or sibling, etc), bond with the new family addition. Playing with your newborn helps create a sense of trust between you and him/her, and allows them to recongize who you are as a caring person in their life. The more secure and cared for they feel, the quicker they learn. If you just talk to your newborn, they will begin to understand words and phrases, which will help later on when they learn to talk. By making silly faces and laughing, they learn different facial expressions and what each can mean. The key is being patient with your baby.

To learn more about specifics of baby toys, including textures, contrast, and more, refer to the link below:

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For more in depth information and more toy ideas for baby, visit the baby center online:

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