Futures W.A.G (Week at a Glance)


Good Afternoon Futures Team!

I hope some of you were able to attend the Family Fun Day. I was not able to go. Please do not miss out on the Harvest Festival at Lion's Creek on the afternoon of the 24th. Let Maleni Sanchez know if you can help. You will love the event.

I want you to all know what a pleasure it is to work with this team. Your unified spirit, wanting the best for our scholars, is really shining through.

A Definition: The "Futures Way" :

The "Futures Way" is to do whatever it takes to build up our students and their families for academic and social success.

Shout Outs!!!

  • Maleni Sanchez for running such as great fitness and after school program.
  • Ida Johnson our new attendance clerk who is now officially hired and doing great work.
  • Colleen Tiffenson and Carole Taylor (CUES) for breaking through a perceived division between Futures and Cues and creating a wonderful shared parent cafe this past Friday
  • Peace Maker Williams for being there when we need him.
  • Rachel Amsterdam for dealing with some very challenging issues last week; done with grace and professionalism.

Reflection on what went well last week (school-wide)

Last week I saw great evidence of guided reading beginning to happen, as evidenced by groups at tables, students in stations / centers or with literacy tasks. I also noted that trackers are coming in to Rachel which is great evidence of NNN.


It's a little thing that can snowball into a big thing: some classes are arriving late for lunch and causing a backup and parent complaints about not eating. I used a timer and found that for three classes that were late, they had an actual all sitting/eating time of 8 minutes. Can we all fix that?

Again in the picky -but-important: Please include last names of students on COST forms, Discipline Forms etc. It helps us with filing!

Deliverable(s) for the week

By end of day Tuesday :

A few teachers still need to answer the "Literally a one minute survey" I resent the link. This is how I will know how to make committees.

BY end of day Friday Oct. 10

  1. (Not Kinder) All data cards F& P (100% of your class) for each student displayed in my office and on the electronic tracker. Grade one I will transfer your data over for you from the New Leader tracker. Kindergarten is using different data.
  2. A goal for each guided reading group written for each group . Go back to the earlier agenda notes in your PLC folder and add these goals .
  3. School Site Council Nomination forms if interested in being on SSC (First meeting 4:30 Monday October 20
  4. Reply to upcoming email if you want to extend your contract to work with students after school.

PLC during Fitness

I am leaving this week to be "catch up " week for all the above deliverable(s) so there is no agenda in the PLC folder this week.

Instructional Tips

Please see this great website OUSD had put together on balanced literacy :


Behavioral Tips

Your physical stance: According to author Fred Jones (Tools for Teaching):

Always squarely face your students, looking forward in a relaxed but stable pose, when delivering instructions. Standing sideways indicates "half seriousness" and means less compliance. Try this in the mirror and you will get it.

Buy Back Day

There is no school for students on Friday. This is a special learning day for teachers. I am working with my director about what we can do for our teachers who have already attended the offereings. In any case, plan it as a work day.

Wednesday PD:

We will do a training on Google Chromebooks, A science deliverable update, and committee work.

Big image

Our Previous Grade Four teacher Sarah Upstill at Lion Creek last year, at the Fall Festival.

Meetings and Events

futuresinoakland@gmail.com calendar

Monday , October 6: no special events scheduled

Tuesday, October 7


8:30am Intercom: Every Tuesday: Meet Mr. Purcell in the Garden: Teacher picks one student a week for anything to be rewarded. Student gets small prize. Teacher keeps track. Student can either verbal or note say why they are seeing me.

12:50pm Kinder/First Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45)

3:15pm Culture and Climate Meets Portable Mr. Gonzalez room (Kevin Edwards, Jessica Gallagher, Peacemaker, Parents, Brian, Rachel, Colleen T, Representative of Fitness/After School Program, custodian, lunch staff, office Mendoza, OHA, Shannon, Leesa, Mike, Leah, Jenny (chair) , Heather

Wednesday, October 8

Farmer Market On Campus: Classes welcome

Minimum Day ( Wed PD begins 9/17 1:45 @ Portable C)


Wednesday PD @ portable C

Thursday, October 9



Auditorium NED SHOW whole school character assembly


Grades two /Three Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

Friday, October 10

Teachers off-site

Professional Development Day


Monday, October 13

Mr. Purcell Out of Town


CANCELLED Faculty Meeting in Portable C

Tuesday, October 14

Wegner Field Trip Exploratorium

Save the Date: After School Monday, Oct. 20 4:30-6:00 First SSC meeting and Title One Data night

After school Oct. 24: At Lion's Creek : Harvest Festival

Halloween is a minimum day. If you are new to Futures, you will see why:)