Egyptian Medicine

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medicines anceint beginings

Egypt's medicine began C.2600B.C. and was a result of mummification.they knew a great deal of ways to heal physical injuries for people who worked on the pyramids. It was the first to have an ethical code. "Never did I do evil towards any person" is there code according to Egyptian doctors were held in high respect.

mummification process

Mummification is a ritual for pharaohs and priests. First the body is washed. then the body is cut open and all organs except the heart are removed. Then the brain is removed. Then the body is filled with spices. After they are then wrapped in linen. According to their organs are then placed into jars in the tomb.

types of medicine

The Egyptians had many ways to heal injuries. According to they used mostly magic. They also used honey. They showed many other ways. In reality most of their cures were just rituals and a few herbs.

How is this affecting modern life?

The Egyptians helped develop medicine. Our society is very reliant on medicine. we constantly need medicine for most sickness. We are relent on medicine for physical injuries. Egyptians being the first to make them means they highly influenced us. Without Egypt influence we would have higher yearly deaths.
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