English III

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Want Reminders?

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6th and 8th Period: Text @528bb7 to 81010 OR download the "Remind" app and add @528bb7 to your "classes" list.

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Starting a Writing Community

Today we will spend time creating/updating your blogs.

  1. Log on to wordpress. If you don't have a blog, make one. If you do have one, make sure you can log in. Keep the log on information somewhere safe since you will access this almost daily.
  2. Download the wordpress app to your phone if you can. It is the easiest way to post photos and quick updates.
  3. Make your QR code poster. Email it to me once you're finished with it so I can print it out and hang it up.
  4. Load content onto your blog: Your six word memoir and your letter to me.
  5. Finish all that? Help someone else who is having trouble or begin commenting on other students' blogs.
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Dear Teacher...

Your first writing assignment is to write back to me. I wrote you a letter, now I want to hear from you.

"Bugs Me" List

What bugs you? Write a list on your paper at your tables. Make the list legible, though it doesn't have to look like perfect rows...

Yell out your ideas so we can make a giant "Bug Me" list together on the board.

Pick 1 or 2 things that bug you the MOST and write for 7 minutes without letting your pencil stop or drop!

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"The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradburry

We're going to read a short story by Ray Bradburry that makes predictions about the future of our society and of America. As you read, make notes of places where you see similar things going on in our society today.
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Find Some Evidence

Find some evidence to prove that similar things are happening in our society today. This evidence can be a news story, and article, a video, a picture, anything! When you find something, copy and paste the link onto your blog with a brief summary of the item and how it relates to the story.

Think Bigger...

What is "bugging" America?

On the same paper you are using, add to the list some of the bigger issues that Americans are concerned about, disagreeing about, talking about, writing about, tweeting about, etc.


In your groups, each of you will have a job.

1) Clarify: define the word, and find 3 synonyms

2) Visualize: draw a picture or symbol to represent apathy

3) Question/Predict: ask 2 questions about apathy and make 1 prediction about what today's discussion might explore

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"When our voices are finally mute, when we have finally suppressed the natural instinct to complain, whether the vexation is trivial or grave, we shall have become automatons, incapable of feeling." -William F Buckley Jr.

Independently, predict what the essay will be about and make a prediction about what it may be titled. Write these predictions on your piece of paper.
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Silently and Independently Read Buckley's Essay

Now Work With His Essay In Your Small Groups

Each of you will choose a role. No one can have the same role. Here are the roles:

1) Summarize -- summarize each chunk of the text

2) Visualize -- draw a representation of what you're reading

3) Question -- ask questions about what you are reading or write down things you are wondering about

Do your job in the margins of the essay. Rotate roles each chunk.

After you've read and discussed in small groups, write a ONE SENTENCE summary of the essay.

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Make a connection

In at least half a page, make connections within the reading to your own life and to the world.

How does this relate to me?

How does this idea relate to other ideas in the text?
How does this relate to the world?

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert- Same Love (DreamZ Lyrics)

Find Your Own Song

I'm challenging you to each find a song that speaks to problems in society or in the world.

Identify the primary concern that the artist expresses about society or the world.

Locate and copy down the best lines that support it.

After you find the best line, make that line the title of a blog post.

As the body of your blog post, discuss and reflect on the concerns of the artist. Include your own thoughts, opinions, and personal connections about the issue and about what the artist has to say about it.

When Do You Want Your Voice To Be heard?

How are YOU an amazing extraordinary? What are YOU passionate about? What do YOU believe in?

Write your own "I Believe" poem/speech/post following the model from Bull Durham that is on your handout.

The additional challenge isn't just to write it, but to add a visual component, hopefully beyond just a photo, to enhance the post on your blog.

Use the rubric to help guide you.

Read and Annotate

Use the 6 strategies for writing in the margins to make notes about what you're reading.

After reading, make a T-Chart of the main points in each article. Then, decide which side you find yourself gravitating towards. You MUST pick a side, even if you think the other side makes some valid points.

After you've chosen your side, prepare an argument for why you support that view. Defend your side by finding evidence from:

Current Events




Personal Experience


Be Prepared to compete with your argumennt in Philosophical Chairs

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Create a T-Chart

On one side of your t-chart, list what you see in the picture. What details do you notice?

On the other side of your chart, make inferences about the picture. What conclusions can you draw based on the details you notice?

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Look at the comic and answer the following questions in a thoughtful, well-organized paragraph.

What is the statement/opinion the cartoonist is expressing visually? Defend your message with evidence from the image. What was the intended effect on the viewer?

Political Cartoon

Think of an issue in our country that you feel passionate about. Use your "I Believe" speech to help you think of issues you are passionate about if you're stuck. Search for a political cartoon that expresses a message about your chosen issue. Post that cartoon to your blog with a one sentence theme statement as the title of the post.
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Genre Study

What is an op-ed?

Where are they found?

How do good writers create successful op-eds?

Answer these on a sticky note and put it on the chalkboard once you are finished.