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15 Reasons Why We're Grateful

November 2018

In preparation for Thanksgiving, we're counting our blessings. In no particular order, we wish to express our gratitude for fifteen notable reasons in this month's newsletter. Each reason represents the dawn of each day in November thus far. #30DaysofGratitude

We'd also like to recognize Karen Kunkle for making the seasonal greeting card pictured right.

Thank you for reading!

Ms. Brawley & Ms. Stutts

#1 Our Students

All 1897 of them, according to PowerSchool! Without our students, we wouldn't have a reason to be here. We thank them for choosing to hang out in the library before school, during lunch, and after school. We thank them for independently checking out books, recommending books to us, and participating in our literacy initiatives. We thank them for their attention during research lessons and for returning overdue materials as soon as possible.

#2 Our Co-Workers

It's not our best group shot, but it captures the light that you give off on a block-ly (a new word!) basis. We appreciate our good fortune in calling you colleagues and working with you each day :)

We extend a special thanks to the staff members with whom we have collaborated over the past month, who have asked us to visit their classrooms, who have scheduled time in the library or whose students have checked out books for class or worked on a project in the Media Center: Agar, E. Akelman, Allen, Ballard, Bourke, Brading, R. Bustle, Clark, Greenwell, Gregg, Hanson, Harris, Holston, Keating, Ligh, Mastro, Mayfield, Nuss, Odom, Parkman, Peveler, Rowland, T. Smith, Trahan, Valentine, VanDyke, Waid, and Walls.

#3 Our Space

Although we sometimes wish it were larger, so as to host more classes, we're especially thankful for a physical library in which to work. Thank you for using our new online calendar tool or emailing us to request time in the Media Center! If you're interested in booking library space or instructional assistance this quarter, we'd love to help you. You're also welcome to start reserving Media time for next semester.

#4 Our Resources

Over the last few months, we've laminated & cut countless numbers of items, printed thousands of pages in color, distributed hundreds of batteries, and given out 25 printer toner. We've also whitelisted a multitude of YouTube videos, donated boxes of old magazines, and photocopied several paper reams of review packets, quizzes, and so forth. We're so grateful for these various resources and your continued requests. Please refer to our list of services below and reach out to us if you need anything.

#5 Our Books

You already know that this reason will forever be #1 in our hearts! Since school started in August, we've added 185 books from 7 different vendors to our collection and look forward to purchasing more before the semester's and school year's end. Want us to order a specific book? Please don't hesitate to let us know. We've also placed free books into the hands of 3 students during Teen Read Week.

#6 Reading Challenges

In January, we encouraged you to participate in the Goodreads annual reading challenge. Have you met your goal to read a predetermined number of books over the course of 2018? If not, don't give up! There's still time to get some reading done. Please consider using the WeAreTeachers challenge prompt for November to re-read a book you read in high school or any of the ideas listed in the Brightly poster. Guess how many books that Ms. Brawley and Ms. Stutts combined challenged themselves to read? We'll treat the staff member with the closest or correct answer with a special gift.

#7 Partnerships

Don't forget to use the Mooresville Public Library's catalog to search for and borrow books, DVDs, eBooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines. Click on the orange stack of books in ClassLink. Even if you don't live in Mooresville, you're still invited to register for a free library card. Take a step further and expect your students to include a print or online source from the public library in future assignments.

#8 Magazines

Did you know that we subscribe to the following magazines?

  • Consumer Reports
  • MacLife
  • National Geographic
  • Oprah
  • People
  • People en Español (available in ClassLink through Flipster)
  • Runner's World
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Time
  • Wildlife in NC

If you borrow a periodical from the blue hanging displays, we ask that you return it in a timely manner. We also encourage any magazine suggestions.

Below are three of our newest titles!

#9 Library Link of the Month

Using ClassLink, you and your students can also access quality journal and electronic reference book articles through the MHS Gale database. When you sign in with your Google account, you're able to download the articles you've found to your Google Drive. In addition, every article in Gale includes an APA or MLA citation.

#10 Veterans

Here's another photo from the National Museum of the Marine Corps. This WWI poster was created by artist C.B. Falls in 1918 for the American Library Association and is also housed in the Library of Congress.

We may forget sometimes, but America is the home of the free, because of the brave... And that freedom is what people continue to defend and fight for across the world and nation.

Below are a few young adult book lists about the experience of war on military personnel and their families.

#11 Diverse Authors & Characters

We need diverse books because our students deserve to see themselves in the books available to them at school, in libraries, in stores, and at home! They also need to learn more about other people's experiences. This concept is referred to as “mirrors and windows” with the mirrors being the books that reflect one's own culture and the windows being the books that offer a view into someone else's culture. At MHS, we've made a diligent effort to find books for students that are mirrors and windows, many of which are highlighted in the links below.

Unfortunately, the publishing industry is lagging behind in the low percentage of children's books written by and about people of color, which is why we need to inspire more students of color to tell their stories and eliminate the diversity gap. For more information, view the 2017 statistics.

Image Citation

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Big picture

#12 Refugees

In October, we listened to award-winning NC author, Alan Gratz, speak about the historical fiction books that he's written and asked him to sign a copy for us. Refugee tells the stories of three young people in three different time frames who face persecution and violence in their countries, and seek asylum in a new land. One is a Jewish boy in 1930s Nazi Germany, one is a Cuban girl in the mid-1990s, and one is a Syrian boy in 2015.

Take a peek at the educational game linked below and pick up a book about individuals and families who have fled their homelands.

Play "Against All Odds"

The game which lets you experience what it's like to be a refugee...

#13 Hispanic Heritage Month

Mr. Odom shared some insightful information about Hispanic Heritage Month in his Oct. 3 ELL E-Gram. We've compiled additional resource links and have circulated several of the Latinx books mentioned in the reviews. Below is a book talk for the pictured title.

Julia Reyes has never been the perfect Mexican daughter, not like her older sister, Olga, that is. And after 15 years of being compared to Olga, Julia still struggles with wanting a different life. Instead of working a boring job and never leaving Chicago, Julia dreams of attending college in New York and even becoming a writer. After Olga is accidentally killed crossing a busy street, Julia learns that Olga really wasn’t the perfect daughter. . . at all. Join Julia on her emotional quest to find out the truth in I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

#14 LGBT History Month

Even though LGBT Pride Month is celebrated in June, the month of October is devoted to raising awareness about LGBT history. As lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students form their identities, we strive to support them by providing books with characters, both fictional and real-life, who have also been in their shoes.

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#15 American Indian Heritage Month

Our featured book of the month is #NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women, an anthology of artwork, essays, poems, and interviews by indigenous women in the U.S. and Canada. Watch the brief book trailer below to hear more about and view pages from this powerful non-fiction work that you'll find on display by the cornucopia.

Check out the link of recommended books, geared for all ages, and learn more about the Cherokee tradition of creating pine needle baskets.

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